Can a loaf tin recipe be baked in a cake tin?

perle, Jan 25, 11:31pm
I want to make a banana choc walnut cake- it says loaf tin will a round cake tin do! thanks

lindylambchops1, Jan 26, 12:27am
Yes as long as size is comparable!

flower-child01, Jan 27, 4:13am
comparison is 20cm x 10cm, loaf-20cm, round

harrislucinda, Jan 27, 4:26am
yesanycakeorloafcanbecookedinanysizetinjustwatchthetimeJustlikeamuffinrecipecanbemadeinto acake

punkinthefirst, Jan 30, 10:44pm
Measure your loaf tin's capacity by filling it with cold water. Tip the water into the other tin you are thinking of using, to see if it is the same size. You may have to adjust the recipe to make it fit, e.g., if the water only comes halfway up the sides of the round tin, then double the recipe, if it comes three-quarters up, multiply the recipe by one and a half, etc.

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