Cooked prawns

akd100, Jan 9, 12:41am
I've never cooked or made anything with prawns before, but if they are already cooked, do you need to do anything to them! Wash them! Heat them!

fisher, Jan 9, 12:49am
You could peel them and remove the vein . melt some butter, add parsley finely chopped and crush 2-3 cloves of garlic. heat and mix well, add cooked peeled prawns and heat through.just enough to warm through as they are already cooked.

akd100, Jan 9, 12:54am
Ohh that sounds nice.Will remember that on for next time.I'm just about to put them in a salad for now.They already have their shells off, so would be deveined too!

dotcodotnz1, Jan 9, 2:20am
They will be ready to eat.

nauru, Jan 9, 5:23am
Same as fisher said and also very nice quickly stir fried until heated throughwith a dash of sweet chili sauce, add some chopped fresh coriander before serving.

fisher, Jan 9, 5:54am
Sounds nice nauru.I do as per post number #2but cut in half and add to cooked rice that has peas added and turmeric stirred thru.use vege stock rather than water for the rice.

fisher, Jan 9, 5:59am
Make the stock yourself with peelings from vegetables . outer onion skins. carrot,, kumura, potato peelings (clean)left over bits from spring onions.celery leaves.capsicum bits. and boil with tsp of salt .adding water half way thru. strain the stock into a container and discard the veges or treat the worms in ya worm farm. or compost.

luvmykicks, Jan 9, 6:18am
Pizzas! Yum. We love prawn pizzas here

rainrain1, Jan 9, 6:51am
This, and pour all the juices over your prawns and eat the lot

akd100, Jan 9, 7:57am
Thanks everyone.I'll have to try the ways you've mentioned cos they were awful in the salad.

golfdiver, Jan 10, 7:18am
Prawns seem way better than shrimp, and I prefer uncooked then we put them on a tray and grill them with a little sweet chilli. Grilled they retain their juices much more and are great

fisherlures, Jan 11, 1:27pm
Raw Prawns
Garlic Prawns in cream.
4 cloves garlic.1/2 tsp salt.2 tsp black peppercorns crushed coarsely2 tsp lemon Juice .1 tsp brandy. 500gm green prawns, shelled, split lengthwise and de-veined . olive oil . fine chopped parsley.1/2 cup cream.
Crush garlic with salt and make paste and add crushed peppercorns, lemon juice and brandy. Mix all well.
Place prawns in frypan and add garlic mixture and olive oil and cook quickly until prawns just change colour. Stir in cream
Serve hot and sizzling in small bowls garnished with fine chopped parsley.

fisher, Jan 11, 1:29pm
Spicy Prawn Cutlets
Remove shells ~bar tail ~from prawns about 6-10 per personGarlic cloves peeled and crushed with little salt1 tsp white pepper
1 tsp lemon juiceone egg white lightly beaten
Mix all together in bowl and marinate prawns for 20-30 mins stirring occasionallyDip the "cutlets" into fine breadcrumbs and fry till just golden

fisher, Jan 11, 1:31pm
Prawns and Rice
Stir cooked garlic prawns ( as above recipe #2 )through hot steamed jasmine rice with sliced spring onions and crushed roasted peanuts.
Serve with spicy chutney and a green salad.

fisher, Jan 11, 1:33pm
Cheese Prawn Mornay
Make a roux from melted butter and flourAdd 100gm of grated cheese, slowly add milk until you have a nice smooth sauce.
Add prawns and simmer gently for 2-3 minutes . Sprinkle grated cheese on top and flash under a hot grill
If you want a bit of bite .Add some blue vein cheese OR tabasco sauceAdd very fine parsley over the top as a garnish

you could add 1/2sp of curry powder for something a bit different.

twindizzy, Jan 11, 8:45pm
Heated through with sweet chili, lime and kecap manis

nauru, Jan 12, 8:10am
I will have to try these recipes as we love prawns in any shape or form.
I make my own stock too, keeping all the vege bits in a bag in the freezer until I have enough and cook it up then freeze the stock in portions.I also make my own chicken stock too.Way better than shop bought stocks and no long list of numbers in the ingredients either.

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