Problems baking with my 'new' oven (F&P Sage)

cmjbp, Dec 5, 11:57am
I bought a stove 2nd hand on TradeMe, it didnt come with a manual. It's not all that old. But man, I am having problems with baking in the oven.
For a start everything came out burnt on the top, then I found out the oven only has a single element at the top. It is not a fanbake oven.
All ovens I have used in the past have top and bottom elements.
So, now I bake using the lowest rung, but still sometimes it seems too hot and browns the top too quickly.
Anyone got any handy hints on using one of these ovens!Thanks

ange164, Dec 5, 7:28pm
I would guess that there is a concealed element in the bottom that wants replacing.

ange164, Dec 5, 7:28pm
I would guess that there is a concealed element in the bottom that wants replacing, or may need a new fuse. Or maybe the thermostat is in need of replacing if it only runs on HOT with no temperature variance regardless of where the dial is set at.

cmjbp, Dec 5, 8:10pm
You are a wee gem!Thanks. I have read the user guide you linked me to.The oven came with a new aluminium spill tray in the bottom and I have left it there.(I dont use the oven much and hardly ever spill lol)
Anyway, from the Guide.
Aluminium foil in oven. Remove foil. As the oven has a
concealed lower element, do not use
foil trays on the lower surface to aid
cleaning. Foil liners reflect the heat
back down in the oven

Will try baking today, fingers crossed this is the answer!

lyingnun, Dec 5, 8:27pm
I have a F P stove too that does exactly the same thing - burns everything. I preheat the oven hotter than in recipe and then turn it off when I put the food in to bake and it comes out fine. But it is a real hassle. F& P products are absolute rubbish these days. I bought a new FP stove in my last house and it was rubbish too.

cmjbp, Dec 5, 8:43pm
Does yours have a concealed bottom element!You dont have a tray in the bottom!

terachaos, Dec 5, 8:44pm
Ditto! As soon as a tray of whatever goes into the oven, however quickly, the thermostat clicks on and the oven revs up the temperature. I now do similar put temperature setting higher than required, as soon as it clicks I turn it down. Real pain though, fortunately I don't cook/bake anything that 's temperamental to exact temperatures.

When we renovated the kitchen we did all FP, big mistake and never again!

lyingnun, Dec 5, 10:55pm
Thanks -I do have aconcealed element but don't use a foil tray or anything over it.

amiri1, Dec 5, 11:25pm
I have a Westinghouse Neptune that has a concealed element and it over cooks everything on the bottom!
It's not fanbake but I turn the temp down 10 degrees less than what I want it at. Still only slightly better though.
I might try the turning it off suggestion.

drsr, Dec 5, 11:42pm
You can get cheap oven thermometers to check what the temperature is doing, e.g.

They aren't super accurate but should show whether it is holding a constant temperature. If not the oven thermostat is probably broken.

drsr, Dec 5, 11:43pm
Just leave the door open and put it on to bake for a while. If the top of the oven gets hot but the bottom doesn't then the bottom element isn't working.

cmjbp, Dec 6, 2:12am
Thanks for the tip. I just did this and bottom element is working.

nauru, Dec 6, 6:21am
We have just replaced our stove too so a bit of trial and error to start with, burnt biccis first try. With practice, I have found that my oven is about 20 degs hotter than our old one so I have adjusted temps to suit. Had to get it right before attempting to bake my Christmas cake.Yes, concealed element in bottom and a grill element in the top,the manual says not to use spill trays.Baked my Christmas cake last week and it baked beautifully so I'm pleased.

thelaw014, Dec 6, 6:35am
Some electrical shops will loan you a thermometer so you can check the temperature. I found my Smeg was nearly 15 degrees hotter than it was meant to be.

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