Wooden xmas cake 'tins'

arabelle, Dec 2, 5:59am
Has anybody got thoughts/feelings/experience with these. would like to give one as a pressy but not if its only a one minute wonder.
sorry if this subject has been broached before I havent seen it mentioned and thx in advance

macwood2, Dec 2, 6:22am
I think they are wonderful.Use them regularly and friends borrow mine at Christmas time.

cookessentials, Dec 2, 7:48am
They are the only thing I use now. Just line with baking paper and follow the recipe. They make a lovely moist cake.

arabelle, Dec 2, 7:55am
Thank you, shall have to follow up on this now.

maynard9, Dec 2, 9:07am
I would never use anything but these wooden boxes.I have the 3 sizes.Brilliant thought for a gift.

arabelle, Dec 4, 8:55am
Got one today. so thats Xmas pressy shopping done

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