Dry Christmas Cake.

nanberrie, Nov 25, 3:53am
I have made my christmas cake a few days ago, and I am going to ice it today with almond and royal icing but it seems a bit dry. Is there anything I can pour over it! Will the icing make it moist!
Thanks heaps

elliehen, Nov 25, 4:32am
Poke holes in it and pour over some brandy. better done while it's hot but you can still do it. I used to haul mine out for a brandy top-up every few weeks until Christmas ;)

sarahb5, Nov 25, 5:45am
Don't you usually leave it until a bit closer to Christmas to ice it so that you can let the alcohol soak in and get topped up a few times first!That's what my grandma always did - iced in the week before Christmas but given a tipple at least once a week from the time it was made (usually September/Octoer) until the time it was iced.

nauru, Nov 25, 6:15am
I agree with Sarah, you should let it mature and feeding the cake weekly will make it moist and icing a week before Christmas is about right.

biggles45, Nov 25, 6:37am
Yep this is what I do.

fifie, Nov 25, 6:41am
Sarah is on to it,then wrap in a clean towel sit in pantry where its cool, repeat fewtimes and ice it just before xmasshould help and will give it good flavour.

marob2, Nov 25, 6:50am
For those that do not want alcohol poured over their cake.Cut an apple into several pieces and put in container with cake.Apple will transmit moisture to cake.

whitehead., Nov 25, 7:01am
always soak your fruit before you make your cake in soft drink or wine or fruit juice. soak over night or all week and strain before you cook your cake you should have no more trouble

roundtop, Nov 25, 7:16am
freeze it and ice later,it will moisten up

sarahb5, Nov 25, 7:52am
Funny that I know what to do because I've only ever made one Christmas cake and that was at school about 35 years ago!I don't even eat Christmas cake but I do remember one year both my grandma and my grandad had been given the cake a top up - it was a pretty good Christmas that year from what I can remember!

kuaka, Nov 25, 8:12am
The brandy is best poured through holes in the bottom of the cake (turn it upside down first) whilst it is still warm from the oven, then turn it back the right way and cover.The alcohol is drawn up into the cake by the rising heat.

Seeing as your cake is now cold, just turn it upside down anyway and pour the brandy carefully onto it, after you've made little holes in the bottom with a skewer or knitting needle. You can do it several times, but only a little at a time.

The alcohol will mostly evaporate, but it will moisten it.

nanberrie, Nov 25, 8:20am
thanks for all your advice, have poked holes in the bottom and poured a little brandy over and wrapped, will do this every now and again until closer to christmas and then ice. Thanks so much !

sarahb5, Nov 25, 8:24am
My grandma used to pour it in holes in the bottom one week then the next week turn it over and pour it in from the top.

nanberrie, Nov 25, 8:34am
ok, Thanks for tip

nik12, Nov 25, 10:29am
How can you tell it's dry until you cut it!
I don't like brandy in my cake (rather drink my booze than eat it). I'd just ice it and it is what it is. good on you for making it in the first place I recon :-)

marcs, Nov 25, 4:49pm
I have recently found out that I was over beating my butter and sugar and that is why some of my chrissy cakes came out dry. I now use a wooden spoon and mix the sugar and butter till just combined and then mix the eggs in one at a time. Much better results since then.

bev00, Dec 8, 9:19am
Thats an interesting point to take note of Marcs.

This is a recipe from Janice Marriott, a columnist at NZ House & Garden magazine and makes a fabulous, well-flavoured and moist cake without any fuss!

Quick Fabulous Xmas Cake

1kg mixed dried fruit (include prunes for a rich, dark colour)
½ cup liquid, either sherry, rum or tea
200g butter
2 cups flour
½ cup sugar
½ tsp baking soda
pinch of salt
2 eggs
½ cup milk
¼ cup honey

Soak fruit in liquid overnight.
Next day, rub butter into flour in a big bowl using fingertips (or process in a food processor then transfer to a bowl). Add sugar, baking soda and salt then mix in dried fruit.
In another bowl, mix eggs with milk and honey. Add to main mixture and stir (with hands).
Put into 1 large or 2 small lined cake tins. Bake at 160°C for 2½ hours.

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popeye333, Dec 9, 4:45am
One of the reasons they dry out is cos people take them from the oven and leave them to cool down. Uncovered
I sit the tin on a cake rack. Then cover the cake with a double layer of clean teatowel, then a double layer of a nice thick towel. And in the morning it will be cold. But always moist.

retired, Dec 9, 5:07am
I always make Delia Smith's Creole Christmas Cake and have NEVER had a failure and never has it been dry, very moist.

mctavi, Dec 9, 5:10am
Could you use orange juice to tip over for a sober Christmas cake! Or would that just be weird!

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