Help with storing a fruit cake

cloudberry, Nov 10, 6:41am
I won a christmas cake in a raffle this afternoon! It's not iced, but has cherries and nuts on the top and sprigs of holly for decoration. It looks lovely! It's not wrapped either, just has a bit of cellophane around it and partly open to the air. I plan to give it away as I don't eat cake, but till I do, what's the best way to keep it moist! Not being a cake eater, I don't own such a thing as a cake tin!

cgvl, Nov 10, 7:26am
wrap in several layers of grease proof baking paper and then in newspaper/ Store in a dark cool cupboard. It should keep for some time that way.
Oh and take the cellophane off first.

Some may suggest freezing but I have found this tends to dry out my gruit cakes.

gardie, Nov 10, 7:33am
I store my Christmas cake wrapped in foil and then in a couple of layers of gladwrap.

biggles45, Nov 10, 8:13am
That's interesting, I was just going to say whatever you do don't wrap in foil! Had a Xmas cake and Xmas pudding go mouldy one year, and was told that it was because the fruit reacted with the foil! Obviously, I was misinformed.

gardie, Nov 10, 6:17pm
Interesting.Perhaps I might stop doing it and just stick to the gladwrap.Haven't had one go mouldy yet though.Trouble is, once someone tells you something like this, you don't want to tempt fate.*Off to remove foil and rewrap in gladwrap*.:)

sunflowers28, Nov 10, 7:00pm
Remove the cellophane off the cake. If home baked cake leave paper on that you used to linetin.Wrap in 2 layers ofbaking paper (or lunch paper wrap).Then a couple of layers of either newspaper or tinfoil.Put cake in tin and store it in a cool dark place. I store my cakes under the bed in theguest bedroom. This is how I store all my fruit cakes for weddings,birthdays etc. .Never had one go mouldy in 25 + years. I make myChristmas cakes in Sept. Please don't use gladwrap this can cause mould on cakes.

willman, Nov 10, 7:02pm
I wrap mine in 2 layers of greaseproof and 2 layers of newspaper and then into two supermarket bags and put them in the freezer.Have done them this way for years and they turn out great.

fifie, Nov 10, 7:29pm
Withmy xmas and weddingfruit cakes when cooled a little leave it in the tin fold side papers down over top, then wrap tinand cake in a nice big clean towel sit in the pantry where its cool and dark till wanted for icing. Sometimes i make a cake you pour some brandy etc over occasionally un wrap put booze on re wrap again, always stay nice and moist.

cloudberry, Nov 10, 8:19pm
Thanks everyone. Off now to the supermarket to buy some greaseproof.
Trust me to win a raffle for something I don't really want!

davidt4, Nov 10, 9:04pm
Shame it wasn't a meat raffle.

cloudberry, Nov 10, 10:33pm

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