Beef snitzel (sp) no egg for

phil85, Oct 22, 2:07am
crumbing, what else to use! Thanks:-)

rainrain1, Oct 22, 2:38am

uli, Oct 22, 2:45am
mustard mixed with water
or simply water

mwood, Oct 22, 2:53am
oil whisked into milk - as the egg is also intended to help the crumbs stick on - flour - egg - breadcrumbs

gerry64, Oct 22, 3:10am
do you have any plain yoghurt - better than eggs

jessie981, Oct 22, 3:20am
Sounds nice, must try.

uli, Oct 22, 3:21am
phil85 - you are now spoilt for choice - which one will it be!

uli, Oct 23, 5:08am
bump for phil85

prestoni, Oct 23, 5:11am
I'm non dairy and wheat, so I use beaten eggs, wheat free flour and then rice crumbs. Tastes just like normal schnitzel to me.

guest, Jan 11, 7:41am
At last! Someone with the insight to solve the preblom!

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