1st time steak and kidney pie maker - quick help

dibble35, Oct 4, 2:44am
Hi, thought i'd give it a whirl, the recipe i'm following (Edmonds cook book) by the sound of it doesnt have a pastry base, just the pastry top. If i put a base in, will it go soggy! the mix tastes good. not game enough to try a piece of kidney yet. thats whats always put me off - offal, but i have recently tried black pudding and liked it so this is the next step - kidney.TIA

lodgelocum, Oct 4, 2:57am
It shouldn't go soggy, as long as you are not putting hot meat onto pastry, if you put your pie tray onto a heated tray the bottom should good well, your oven needs to be preheated and at least 180c degrees.Good luck.I love steak and kidney pie, however we now feed our cat kidneys, so the thought of them going into my food, doesn't feel right, feels like eating the cats food lol

otterhound, Oct 4, 6:20am
My favourite is to make the steak and kidney "stew" then cook dumplings on top, instead of pastry.

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