Cream cheese/date/apricot sandwiches

grandma, Sep 15, 4:51am
I was given a recipe for a mixture to put in sandwiches - you put dates in the microwave with water. Heat through. Drain, leave to cool and mash.Spread cream cheese on both sides of bread and then a layer of the date mixture.Can anyone advise roughly the ratio of dates/water/cream cheese and how long do I "cook" the dates please!(You can also chop small pieces of apricots as an alternative.)

lodgelocum, Sep 15, 5:22am
We used to make cream cheese, date and walnut sandwiches in our cafe, just chopped up the dates (and walnuts) never put the dates inmicrowave to cook and mash.They certainly went down a treat.

geldof, Sep 15, 5:27am
Just soften the dates in the microwave, how much water depends on how many dates.I usually do about a cup of dates with 2-3 tbsp water for 2min.Then assess.I often add either orange or lemon zest, and sometimes cook the dates in orange juice.

How much you put on your sandwich is entirely up to you.Use cream cheese like you would butter then dates as you would any spread.

grandma, Sep 15, 6:10am
Thanks - making them tomorrow, so appreciate your help.

nauru, Sep 15, 7:49am
I make these but just chop the dates and apricots (our preference) onto the cream cheese spread bread.

rainrain1, Sep 15, 7:57am
cream cheese, date, and chopped crystalized ginger.mostly cream cheese and not too heavy on the additions.try a sandwich with can always add more if it's not to your taste

jude343, Sep 16, 4:50am
These were my favourites, also apricot and ginger is nice.

grandma, Sep 16, 5:14am
Many thanks for your ideas - I used orange juice to cook them in the microwave like you suggested geldof - they were a greatsuccess and I will definitely be making more when bring a plate is requested!

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