Gift ideas/websites for people who like baking?

teacake, Aug 16, 9:25pm
Hi, I want to send a gift to someone who likes to bake, and I'm thinking of maybe buying online. I have sent themed cookie cutters before (ninjabread men) which were a hit.

Just wondering if anyone here has gift ideas for someone who likes all sorts of baking, desserts etc, or if there are any good websites I can browse for this kind of thing!

valentino, Aug 16, 9:42pm
Try for starters.


teacake, Aug 16, 9:50pm
Thank you! I'll take a look at that site now.

hlblanchett, Aug 16, 10:27pm
Are they a Kiwi living overseas!Kiwi or North and South Island cookie cutters from Stevens.Also, make awesome sandwich cutters!

My favourite website

04redsox, Aug 16, 11:04pm
There are some lovely, good quality aprons that would make a nice gift.

indy95, Aug 17, 3:43am
As the recipient is a keen baker what about a selection of vanilla products !

teacake, Aug 17, 5:34am
Thanks everyone :-) I don't really do fancy baking or desserts myself, so it's great to hear other ideas :-) I will look into them all.

(It's for a kiwi living in NZ, but I will either be buying online or posting from Australia).

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