Sandwiches made in ring tin-procedure please

andy644, Jul 19, 6:03am
I had these awesome looking sandwiches made in a ring tin a few years ago. I cannot for the life of me work out how they were made-all the different layers were so colourful.My daughter gets married shortly and I want to make some of these for nibbles.

Can anyone help me please.

lodgelocum, Jul 19, 7:11am
After many years of catering and cafes, never heard of this.Pinwheel sandwiches would look just as nice and colourful, particularly with slices of smoked salmon, cucumber, cheese, tomato etc etc.

duckmoon, Jul 19, 7:12am
Have a look on the Tupperware website.
You make them in their jelly rings.

munrotti, Jul 19, 7:25am
Found this for you - made in jelly ring:

you need a medium loaf of bread, buttered and crusts cut off
3-4 fillings - recommend that you use lettuce cheese carrot ham etc.not tomatoes or juicy things like that! it will make it go soggy.
put the bottom layer of bread butter side up across the bottom of the jelly ring.
put fillings on top - lettuce and carrot together for example
layer bread butterside up on top of this layer of fillings
next layer of fillings - ham and cheese for example
layer last layer of bread butter side down and put on the lid
make sure you 'burp' the lid to get the excess air out. to do this you need to seal the lid then gently release a tiny bit of the lid - you will hear the air escape
when you serve it, pull the big lid off, put it on your plate and ease the ring off. you can cut it like a cake - and it should be snapped up by all the healthy eaters out there!

nicki71, Jul 19, 7:30am
other options that work well in the jel ring are coronation chicken, tuna mayonnaise, things like that is it kind of binds it altogether so it holds nice when you take them out.when are you wanting to do them for! if you've got awhile try and get yourself to a tupperware party and the demonstrator can show you how to make them.

aglarana, Jul 19, 8:54am
Those tupperware ring moulds are a life saver and so versatile!

andy644, Jul 19, 9:01am
Thank you all so much. I have a tupperware jelly mould-you are so right, that is what they were made in.
I love this message board-problems saved in no time.
Love the idea of pinwheel sammies and the other moulds suggested as well.

griffo4, Jul 20, 12:39am
Hi this came from here there are 2 parts to it but worth it
CLUB SANDWICHES made with the large Tupperware Jell Mould - thanks to TM's bronny65.
1 loaf sandwich bread, butter, cream cheese or mayonnaise or yoghurt, chopped parsley, hard-boiled egg, asparagus, ham, mustard, sliced tomato, lettuce, salt & pepper, mayonnaise. Spread the bread with cream cheese or the alternative of choice, then 3 slices at a time cut the minimum crust off the bread slices.
Take 4 slices of buttered bread & spread them with cream cheese.
Press the bread, cream cheese-side down into chopped parsley, so completely covered. Slice the bread in half to give you the widest slices.
Layer the bread parsley-side down into the base of the mould making sure the bread overlaps, so it forms a circle on the outer edge of the mould.
Layer egg followed by a layer of bread making sure the bread is centred over the last join ( laying bricks). Lay asparagus, then bread, a layer of ham & mustard, then bread. Layer sliced tomato, salt & pepper, then bread.
Use the back of a spoon, spread the bread in the mould with mayonnaise, then cover it with sliced lettuce and a final layer of bread.
Seal and refrigerate for 2 hours if possible.
Note: This can be made the day prior.
Make sure each layer is pressed in firmly and always press to the outer edge of the mould.
Also make sure the filling is neatly smoothed into the outer shape of the mould. Substitute chopped parsley with a mixture of mint, chives and parsley - there are “heaps” of alternative filling ideas. :-))
I start with a whole slice of bread, crusts off and press it from the top. I do this all the way around, moulding it. I then get half slices and fill in from the bottom up to the top of the centre. I hope you can understand this.
I don’t cover the whole container I just use one slice and start at the inside bottom and go across and up the outside.
Slightly overlap the bread and work your way around.
Then cut the remaining whole slices in half and proceed to do your layers.
When tipped out you get to see all the layers looking from the inside edges.
Hope this helps don’t forget to butter and it must face inside or it will stick to the side of the mould and don’t forget the lid comes of first flip it onto a plate then take out the middle insert
My Budget club sandwiches.
I only use 1 loaf of bread for the whole thing and I get to eat the two crusts as well. Start by buttering the whole loaf and cut the crusts off, the bread buttered side in.
Slightly overlapping until you have finishedI use 7 slices for the bottom.
Note I do not go up the inside just start at the inside bottom across and up the outside cut the remaining bread in half it doesn’t matter what order you do the layering or what you use.
I used what I had in the fridge. My first layer was lettuce and I put a bit of grated cheese in to help bind together.
Then l layer with the half cut pieces of bread buttered side down. The butter or mayo is just helps bind it all together and for taste of course. I use 6 slices per layer
My next layer was egg sliced/mashed it doesn’t matter and then layer with the 6 slices again
Next layer l used ham with a little grated cheese to help bind.
What ever meat you have is fine even canned salmon etc. If you are not a meat eater just keep layering what you want. I have used grated carrot and cheese together to make non meat ones
My last layer is tomato. I salt the bread first as it stops it going mushy then salt and pepper again only my choice remember. If I have to make these several days before I swap to grated carrot/cheese mix as tomato doesn’t keep till the third day like all the other ingredients do (should it ever make it to a third day)
Add the last layer on top buttered side down. It will be a lot higher than the mould but that is about to be squashed so no panic put the lid on top as you slightly squash it all down. Don’t forget to burp it.
Tip over so lid at bottom and place in fridge.

griffo4, Jul 20, 12:41am
Part 2
l copied and pasted these off here in 2009 and they look great when laid out and so many different fillings the last bit of above post is posted here

Mine turned out within the half hour but can be made day before whatever time you don’t throw away the crusts. Put them on a tray and sprinkle cheese over them and put under the grill. Another quick snack.

andy644, Jul 20, 5:29am
Griffo- you are awesome. thanks so much. Will give this a go this weekend, so i am practised for the 4th Aug when the wedding is.

griffo4, Jul 20, 6:25am
Yep it is worth it and not as hard as it reads and so many options l got this from here so many clever people are on here, me l just copy and paste and try them out and impress my friends and family, haha, but l do tell them that l have got it from here
lt does look great especially with all the colours

guest, Mar 31, 1:04am
I want to print this recipe

guest, Jan 11, 7:11am
That saves me. Thanks for being so senilbse!

guest, Jan 13, 1:39pm
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