Mahe Drysdale & The Awesome Carrot Cake

barm, Aug 3, 9:22am
Does anyone have the Best Ever "Carrot Cake Recipe" from Nectar Cafe, Whangarei that Mahe Drysdale Luvss please & Thank-you!

balkie7, Aug 3, 9:29am
i would be keen for that to my self and the kids LOVE carrot cake

tigeraptor2001, Aug 3, 10:35am

beaker59, Aug 3, 12:01pm
put gold icing on the cake :D

rarogal, Aug 4, 5:13am

skippie1, Aug 5, 12:14am
Can someone put up the recipe as I don't have Facebook. Thanks

wheelz, Aug 5, 12:59am
I couldn't find it on that face book page for the life of me either! Not that I'm a fan of carrot cake. I think Hummingbird cake is far better.

balkie7, Aug 5, 1:08am
I just thought it was me being dumb I also could not find it

t7lsi5zhdjx, Jul 16, 1:09pm
Thanks, glad you're enjoying the ripcees, and I'm so happy to help you learn more! I got my potato scrubber as a gift, but I'm sure any kitchen store or department store would have? them. Sometimes grocery stores would have them.What kind of broccoli soup? Like a cream, or a clear base?

lp0knetqd4, Jul 17, 5:14am
Interesting. Like the technique. Just weodnring if there is an expedited way to produce a similar vegan soup? Like can you sidestep an ingredient? to speed things up? Live a fast paced life buy interested in the 20to 30 minute vegan meal understand if there is not a shortcut great job!

btmt7a1r47, Jul 18, 11:07pm
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