Yummy icing for a banana cake plz :)

bexcyboo15, Jun 23, 12:28am
Wanting a yummy icing for a banana cake, not chocolate or a cream cheese one tho :)

eleyne, Jun 23, 12:32am
i like lemon icing myself - just icing sugar and lemon juice

jessie981, Jun 23, 12:40am
yum lemon icing but got to use real lemon juice, not essence.

cgvl, Jun 23, 12:56am
lemon or peppermint is nice.

elliehen, Jun 23, 1:54am

carriebradshaw, Jun 23, 2:06am
Another vote for lemon icing here.

dbab, Jun 23, 3:29am
Add some maple syrup to basic butter icing.

elliehen, Jun 23, 3:43am
That would be a great combination.must remember it!

chicco2, Jun 23, 3:46am
I agree elliehen. dbab has come up with the perfect idea.

rarogal, Jun 23, 4:35am
Mmmmm.the caramel one is yummy.

kinna54, Jun 23, 5:00am
lemon or passionfruit for me.

rivercottage1, Jun 23, 9:21am
i like to make up a mixture of 1/4 c melted butter, 1/4 c brown sugar and chunky chopped walnuts. melt all together in a pot until sugar has melted into the butter and spoon over unbaked cake mix and cook as usual.
results in a slightly crunchie topping lovely caramel flavor without the sticky sweet of the usual icings.

melly16, Jun 24, 1:38am
cream cheese and icing is sooo yummm with a bit of butter

hondadude, Jun 24, 9:26pm
Totally agree!

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