Cake ball cakes, looking for

choc0licious, Jul 5, 6:08am
the sticks, the plastic sticks if poss. Does anyone no where I can get them from! Need them for birthday cupcake Saturday.

nunesy, Jul 5, 6:28am
You can get sticks from the little cake decorating shop in Glendene. (inside the large carpark).But you can buy them on here too although I know that will be too late for you.The shop sells the long ones as well as the short ones, and I found the long ones worked much better fyi.

choc0licious, Jul 5, 6:56am
Yeh, if I can't find any ill won't use the sticks. I'll put it on the actual cake. No worries. I was thinking of making truffles as they turn hard in the fridge. They can go on the sticks.

I'll have a play around tomorrow.

choc0licious, Jul 5, 7:46am
I'm trying to find a fulling for a roll cake. It is for a 2 year old boy and his family. He's the youngest. I have chocolate mousse for the icing. I need a fulling. Something not to rich.

juliewn, Jul 5, 10:13am
Can you use the mousse for the filling as well! Soundsdelicious :-)

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