Wanting to buy a new cake mixer

phil85, Jun 29, 6:24am
any suggestions!i did have a kenwood patiser sp, but found the motor really weak, it coundnt even manage buttercream icing,also didnt mix right to the bottom of the bowl.

dezzie, Jun 29, 8:08am
I noticed someone selling a kitchen aid in nelson, seems to have alsorts of accessories with it as well. I won't post a link, I might get told off, but it looks good.

carriebradshaw, Jun 29, 8:28am
I second the Kitchenaid.I have one and love it!

kesley, Jun 29, 11:26am
I use a Breville BEM800 and I adore it. It gets used four or five times a week and hasn't failed yet. It has a gruntier motor than Kitchenaid (which I also seriously considered) which makes it pretty decent for bread dough as well.

Though, if you have your heart set on a Kitchenaid, check out Harvey Norman as they have an electrical outlet which sells them for $700ish. (BEM800 is $750ish full price, but I got mine for $440 at Briscoes on sale)

kernal1, Jul 14, 4:58am
Buy an older Model Kenwood! They never seem to die and will handle anything! My orginal one is 45years old and I have brought a 2nd one 'just incase' but that was 5 years ago and still not needed! 40 yr old son getting right into baking.specially pavs. since he 'aquired' his own!

gerry64, Jul 14, 5:23am
I have had both the old and the new kenwood - bought a kitchenaide 6 months ago and it is streets ahead of the kenwood

chicco2, Jul 14, 5:41am
Kitchen Aid. Every time.

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