Egg and Celery recipe

kimini, May 21, 3:07am
HiI love the egg and celery salad at countdown, and just wondered would anyone have a recipe for how to make it,,! I would like to know what sort of mayonaise it is,if anyone can help it would be appreciated,

wheelz, May 21, 5:53am
it comes ready made to the deli. You'd have to ask the supplier. Or play around with mayonnaises you like.

korbo, May 21, 8:54am
I use budget mayo for my curried egg salad. would imagine you could use it for what you want. may have to add some other things as well.sour cream is in a lot of those deli things.

kimini, May 21, 11:25am
hi korbo, your curried egg salad sounds nice, how do you go about making that one! thanks

fleurshelley, May 21, 12:53pm
I used to have it as we used to make it by hand when i worked in the deli - yum as! unfortunately that was donkeys years ago but im sure you beat!1 litre cream , add one tub of softened cream cheese , add curry powder and sliced celery and halved lengthwise halved boiled eggs and refridgerate. MMmmm Now u r making me think of making it again. Banana salad was a fav too. cream, sour cream together with passionfruit pulp, sliced bananas soaked in lemon juice and halved grapes - bad for people on diets lol

kimini, May 22, 12:40am
that banana salad sounds delicious as well,,, thank you for the egg salad receipe, is that just ordinary cream you use!

splitty, May 22, 11:07pm
I used to work in the deli at New World and ours had sour cream, eta mayo, finely chopped onions and celery with some cut up hard boiled eggs, I can't remember the amounts cause we used to make a huge container of it and I'm not sure if Countdown's is the same but that was about 18 years ago so they probably buy it in ready made now too.

kimini, May 23, 12:14am
thanks splitty,,, i think its the sour cream,,, that makes the taste,,,, countdown just has ready made egg and celery and I have also had pak n save and theres is ready made too,,,, but I am interested in making it, as I have free range chookies,, :)

venom4, May 23, 1:18am
In mine i put eggs, celery, spring onion, tomato & i use either budget mayo or best foods (whatever i have really) & a bit of cream.

korbo, May 23, 1:40am
yes, i make the same as venom, but add fine chopped red onion, no tomato, and about 2 teaspoons of curry powder. depending on who is going to be eating it. always make 2-4 hours before using, so curry goes thru the other ingredients.

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