Bacon, egg, cheese svaouries with maggi onion soup

soden, Mar 9, 8:33am
Hi I have searched and searched for the posting with how to make these.I think they are in a bread case.Can someone please help me!

dairymaid, Mar 9, 8:42am
All you do is cut disks of fresh bread with a cookie cutter butter bread put buttered side down in muffin tins add mixtureBacon egg what everyou whan to cook [putin hot oven cook umntil ready do not take as long as pastry ones

soden, Mar 10, 8:31am
Hi thanks, I wanted to know much bacon/egg/cheese to maggi onion soup though.

lodgelocum, Mar 15, 1:25am
Why do you need a Maggi onion soup mix for!Can't you just add milk or cream to your egg mix and pour over bacon, cheese, diced onion, diced tomato in the par cooked breadcases!

guest, Jan 11, 7:26am
I'm so glad that the inrentet allows free info like this!

guest, Jan 14, 10:04am
, it was Roy that served the bread and soup for $5, it was scflieicalpy a recession special and only ran for a season, I recall. Normally it's not open for lunch.I was at Fresco this morning and noticed a soup and bread on the specials board for $5. Looks like other places do something similar as well.

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