Edmonds Jr Cookbook- Blueberry bran muffins

sneeze04, Apr 11, 1:39am
Hey all, I am wanting to make this recipie again, but I can't find the book in the cupboard- was wondering if any of you could help me out! Thanks

elliehen, Apr 11, 5:18am
I've got the Edmonds Junior cookbook but the recipe is for Blueberry Muffins minus bran.There is an Apple Bran Muffin recipe on the opposite page.

Would you like either of those!

allen_francis, Aug 2, 9:51pm
hi ive have been looking for the apple and bran muffins recipe on the web and can not find it . if anyone could help me out with recipe it would be most appreciated .I'm after the Edmonds recipe. If you can help you can email me @ allenf@y7mail.com

krldpopo1, Jul 13, 5:27am
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y5xiz48dfkij, Jul 16, 9:44am
I need to try these again soon. Mine didn't have much cake batter flovar when I made them the first time, but I think it had something to do with my box of cake mix. They just look so darn good!

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