Prawns-never cooked them!

zharacadz, May 6, 9:08am
But love eating them, I had the most Devine prawns overseas recently and I am going to try and copy them. They were called Cajun, garlic butter prawns. Soooo have purchased a bag of raw prawns, where shall I start! cause I haveno idea, lol

kevymtnz, May 6, 9:15am
cold water add prawns bring to boil as soon as boiled drain water serve eat asap

unknowndisorder, May 6, 9:20am
I used to make Dad garlic prawns sometimes, as he loved them.
(per serve)
5-6 green king prawns
4 cloves garlic
1 small chilli
chopped parsley

Shell prawns, leaving tail on. Halve chilli, remove seeds.
Half-fill small heatproof dishes with oil, place on shallow tray, put into moderately hot oven until oil is hot (or heat over bbq fire).
Add crushed garlic, chilli & prawns.
Cook further 3-5 minutes until prawns are pink & oil is sizzling.
Serve at once, sprinkled with chopped parsley.

I thought it was that recipe, but now not sure. Then again, it was about 30 years ago, wonder if he'll remember. (probably the prawns, but not which recipe book I used lol).

zharacadz, May 6, 9:26am
Do I have to shell them before I cook them! Always!

unknowndisorder, May 6, 9:35am
Have a quick read of the thread I just bumped about deveining prawns.

guest, Jan 11, 11:47am
Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or innrheoect. Not this!

guest, Jan 13, 2:16pm
Greetings, Thank you for doing videos on Taiwanese cuiinse. I am Canadian but spent time in Taiwan as teenager. I travelled with my Shih-fu (buddhist nun) so mostly I ate vegetarian food, which is amazing in Taiwan.I also love your accent and love of products from Taiwan. Reminds me of Shih-fu who always thought that the things from Taiwan were the best. After being in Taiwan and shopping at Asian stores here in Canada I would have to agree that the products from Taiwan are the best.I would love to see you post something on Taiwanese Hot and Sour Soup. The one with different kinds of tofu and mushrooms. Also, can you please post something on Bittermelon Soup. I know that Bittermelon is good for clearing toxins from the body and it's also just amazing to eat.Again, William (Canada)

guest, Jan 14, 10:11am
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