Large chocolate cake with cream in the middle

lindi4, May 4, 5:34am
Ive just made 2 chocolate cakes separately in a roasting dish and doubled the recipe each time so about 3cups flour per cake. I want to have whipped cream in the middle but Im thinking the weight of the cake might be too heavy for cream whipped thick with icing sugar. Idont want it to squish out the sides.wonder if it will!

rainrain1, May 4, 5:46am
split the two cakes and have 4 layers

katalin2, May 4, 5:49am
Or spread the middle with jam and a thick layer of chocolate butter icing. That's what I do- and ice the cake with the same chocolate butter icing.

lindi4, May 4, 5:53am
Are there different types of cream for whipping besides the ordinary stuff !

lindi4, May 4, 6:29am
Or types of sugar instead of icing sugar to make the whipped cream firmer. Im hell bent on whipped cream for a filling.I just want it firm

falcon-hell, May 4, 7:04am
double cream! but i don't know that it wont overflow because of the weight either.

ibcreative, May 4, 7:16am
What about fruit in with the cream to hold the weight of the cake!

lindylambchops1, May 4, 7:32am
Sliced peaches would be great with the chocolate cake & whipped cream.Are you having a special occasion!Is everyone invited!I am free to come!

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