Fruit cake - :-(

moore., May 1, 11:56pm
making a fruit cake for mums 90th birthday, wanted it to be really nice,
and its rising in the middle:-(

is it better to put a dense fruit cake on fanbake or just bake!

chicco2, May 2, 12:09am
Just bake, I think. Low and slow. 140-150 for 2-4hrs depending on the size and density.

whitehead., May 2, 9:19am
wash your fruit first and dry on a paper towel or drain and soak in fruit juice or ginger ale or cheap red wine goes very wellsoak over night before cooking

bexta021, May 2, 8:37pm
good luck with the fruit cake.

margyr, May 3, 2:02am
I hope it turned out ok, however when you come to ice it just cut the raised of bit off and put it down on the board you will have a lovely flat bottom to decorate.

moore., May 3, 9:00am
thanks everyone, I ended up making two cakes, different recipes.

the first one was a dense fruit cake with condensed milk, no eggs or sugar, ive made that one a few times but not for many years. It turned out good, and yes ive cut off the raised bit and turned it over.
The second one was the Fruit Cake recipe out of the Edmonds book. that turned out too and ive trimmed the top off and turned it over.

they are both well wrapt and in the freezer now,,,im just deciding which one to ice.
The other thing was i didnt have brandy or sherry, but used Port so i hope that will be ok for taste.

macandrosie, May 3, 9:45am
The Alison Holst christmas cakes are excellent, always turn out the same each year! They have crushed pineapple in them, really yummy, especially nice if you soak the fruit in brandy overnight!

gardie, May 3, 6:35pm
Port is way better in my opinion that both sherry and brandy.They'll be great.

stoats, May 4, 8:50pm
Moore your friut cake without eggs & sugar sounds very interesting could you please post the recipe for us.Thanks very much (-:

moore., May 5, 12:55am
Gee thanks stoats, ive never been asked for a recipe before!you can goggle "fruit cake with condensed milk" for a metric measure recipe.this one ive put up , makes just a "single" cake, if you double everything you get a lovely deep cake , and always good comments.

Fruit Cake.
Put into pot:
½ lb butter
2 lb mixed fruit(1 pkt)
1cup cold water
2 tbsp malt vinegar
1 tsp mixed spice
½ tsp brandy, Almond and Vanilla essence.

Heat this through gently until has melted.
Then add:

1 tin condensed milk
1 tsp glycerine- ( I don’t think you need this really as its such a little amount, but ive always added it.)
2 tbsp wine or brandy or sherry
2 large cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp custard powder
pinch salt

Add to mixture and stir well
Cook2-3 hours at 300 lowering to 200 towards end of cooking.

moore., May 5, 12:55am
thanks for that!

elliehen, May 5, 1:20am
Is this Celsius or Fahrenheit!

moore., May 5, 2:31am

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