Help - My chocolate cake wont cook in the middle

mypryd, Mar 3, 10:42pm
I use the edmonds receipe for a plain old chocolate and every time it never cooks in the middle.I have to end up cooking it for about 30-40 minutes longer than stated but then the outside starts to burn.I use a round tin and place it on the middle rack in the oven.Any ideas as to why this happens!

lx4000, Mar 3, 10:47pm
I would check elements in your oven.

zirconium, Mar 3, 10:49pm
Maybe it's best with a ring tin! - I always found that recipe doesn't have a very chocolatey taste, maybe if you put extra cocoa in it it might cook differently!

davidt4, Mar 3, 10:59pm
Is the cake tin the correct size for the recipe!If it is too small the cake will be too deep and won't cook through.

b190, Mar 3, 11:33pm
You could try cooking it on a lower heat for longer.! I tried a new choc cake recipe the other day (a larger cake than I'm used too) and after the correct time, it was still wet in the middle. So I turned the oven down and left it in for quite a while longer checking on it. It was good:)

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