Alison Holst Truffle Recipe please :)

I can't find it anywhere, has anybody please got her truffle recipe! Thanks :)

Chef_stephanos, Feb 14, 12:49 pm

stephanos, which one of Alison's truffle recipes!

I have most of Alison's books so am almost certain to have the recipe but can you give some more info'please.:-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 14, 12:52 pm

Im not to sure! I had it written on a piece of paper from my partners mum. They were chocolate ones.think it had biscuits, cocoa, butter . and covered in coconut in the end. Not to much help sorry I didn't realise they was more than one! Very very yummy if that helps lol

Chef_stephanos, Feb 14, 1:33 pm

And they had coconut in them aswell if i remember rightly

Chef_stephanos, Feb 14, 1:34 pm

Is this the recipe!

These are rich biscuits that don't need baking. Keep them in the refrigerator so they stay firm even when the weather is hot.

½ packet of wine biscuits
100g butter
¼ cup cocoa
1 cup icing sugar
½ cup coconut
2 tbsp sherry

Put the biscuits in a plastic bag and bang them with a rolling pin until they are completely broken into crumbs.
Put the butter in a bowl.Soften it if it is cold, but do not melt it.Put it in a bowl and mix it with the cocoa, icing sugar and coconut, then add the biscuits and the sherry.Stir well, and put the mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes if it is a hot day.Roll small balls, then roll them in extra coconut in a small bowl.Put them in the refrigerator to get hard, then put them in a jar or tin and keep them in a cold place
Note:These biscuits may be stored in the freezer for 1-2 months. Packed in an attractive container they make good presents. If you replace some of the biscuit crumbs with cake crumbs, reduce the amount of butter used.The finer the crumbs, the firmer the biscuits will be.:-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 14, 1:42 pm

Think it is! Thank you :)))

Chef_stephanos, Feb 14, 1:50 pm