Annabelle Langbeins strawberry cloud cake

seniorbones, Jan 3, 9:12am
who has made this! not sure why its called a cake its not really cakey! and didnt realise until I had nearly finished the mix that it had to freeze for 4 hours lol - pays to read through the recipe before starting!, plus it was really hard to get out of the tin and it took so long it had started to melt, did anyone have an easy way to get it out! but was still yummy and have half left in my freezer for the rest of the week ;-0)

gardie, Jan 3, 9:26am
Yes - I've made this - it looks more impressive that it tastes I think.I lined the springform tin with gladwrap prior to putting the mix in - very easy to turn out then.

seniorbones, Jan 3, 9:34am
I thought it was lovely and will make again and thanks for the tip will line the sides also, I did line the bottom as stated in the recipe supposedly to make it easy to get out. I have got the video so maybe I should watch that episode and see how she did it.

deus701, Jan 3, 10:49am
You can use a blowtorch around the sides of the tin.alternatively wet a tea towel with hot water, wrap it around the tin for a few momments.the heat from the towel would melt the sides of the cake a little for easy removal.

evorotorua, Jan 3, 6:52pm
As a quick alternative, I just make the strawberry part and put it into an ice cream container and freeze. Just use as you would ice cream in a bowl. You can make a half recipe too. I do find it a bit sweet and use less sugar in it than the recipe states. Only preference though.

samsara11, Jan 3, 8:10pm
I made it and it came out of the tin fine.It was a very hot day when I served it and it melted really quickly so I wont be making again as a cake.I scooped all the remainder up and re-freezed it and used without the base.Very sweet, I agree

vicki_r, Jan 3, 9:30pm
I made this also. Although okay, I felt this recipe is over rated.

agave1, Jan 3, 11:12pm
I loved this recipe, but had trouble getting it out.

samsara11, Jan 3, 11:32pm
I wonder why!I used a spring form tin, nothing around the sides but I used baking paper on the base and when I released the sides the 'cake' was free.I did freeze mine for 24 hours which may make a difference

sooseque, Jan 4, 12:16am
I made this yesterday, lined springform tin with baking paper as per instructions and it came out easily, was not set enough though, was probably higher and thicker as I only had a 23cm tin, as comment above may need 24 hours in freezer.

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