Sugar free cake HELP!

vesumona_gurl, Nov 21, 10:11pm
Hi can someone please help me out, I would like to make myself a cake that will actually turn out like normal cakes. I am a diabetic am trying to figure out what ingrediants I need to make a diabetic sugar free cake. HELP PLEASE!

sarahb5, Nov 21, 10:15pm

sarahb5, Nov 21, 10:19pm
The thing is though just because there's no added sugar in a lot of recipes they are not technically sugar free because the sugar/sweetness comes from dried fruit or fruit juice, etc.I don't know all the ins and outs of diabetic cooking but I wouldn't think dried fruit is anymore "allowable" than sugar.

elliehen, Nov 21, 10:35pm
As long as it's a counted carbohydrate and the person eating knows it's there, dried fruit can be a personal choice.Fat content will slow down its absorption and fruit sugar (frustose) takes longer to digest.

vesumona_gurl, Nov 21, 11:27pm
Thank you lots all.

elliehen, Nov 22, 1:08am
If you have no objection to using artificial sweetener, here is a ZERO carb dessert snack ;)

3 envelopes gelatin (3 Tbsp)
4 packets WW sugar-free jellies
4 cups boiling water

Combine jellies and gelatin in a bowl. Add water and stir well until dissolved. Pour into sponge roll size pan.Cool in refrigerator.When firm, cut into small squares (kids can use cookie cutters).

Edited to add: Of course, you can make this with regular jellies too.

frances1266, Nov 22, 1:14am
Stevia and xylitol are great.Stevia is natural and has been used in Japan for centuries not sure about xylitol but they work well together, cant tell the difference from sugar in baking.Agave syrup (from cactus) is also good and doesnt spike blood sugar the way that sugar does.

prawn_whiskas, Nov 22, 1:16am
A perfect replacement for sugar in a diabetic recipe would be Xylitol or Erythritol.Now the next problem is it's still likely to contain a lot of flour (which is high carb and will destroy the blood sugar) SO my suggestion would be to google LOW carb baking, its all easy on the bloods and the above sweeteners can be bought from most health or organic stores or the Annies website.

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