Easy, moist not too much fruit Xmas cake!

jojo76, Nov 17, 9:21pm
I want to make an xmas cake this year, i have made them in the last.they have been dry and crumbly.I want a moist cake that has saltanas etc, but NO mixed peel, or cherrys or almonds,has someone got a recipe similar to this please!Also i like traditional iced cake. hubby likes brandy icing, so could i like brandy ice it first then add the white icing (or somthing similar).would that turn out ok!As you can tell im such a novice cake maker really no idea what im doing.lol

rchelley, Nov 17, 9:36pm

This one is the best recipe I have ever made.it does have a lot of fruit in it though so is probably not what you are looking for although is definitely not dry and crumbly.

shop-a-holic, Nov 17, 9:41pm
This year after conducting a survey with family members; there was not a lot of call for Glace Cherries; Mixed Peel; Almond Icing.
So, I replaced the "yukky" ingredients for:
400gms Currants; 250gms Dried Cranberries; 100gms shelled Pistachios and 250gms Dark Chocolate Morsals.
Note: This is to replace a recipe calling for 1kg mixed fruit.

crystalmoon, Nov 17, 11:54pm
what about a nice sultana cake,i dont like the mixed peel stuff either.This is a recipe i found on TM,I also like to add glace cherries to the mix.

sultana cake This recipe requires you to boil 500gm sultanas for about 10 minutes,
strain then add 250gm butter (cut into cubes) Put lid back on saucepan and leave to the side to melt.
In the meantime beat three eggs and 1 1/2 cups sugar together until light and creamy. Add melted butter and sultana mix,
about 1/2 tsp lemon or orange essence plus 1/2 tsp vanilla essence, then stir in 2 1/2 cups flour that has been sifted
with a heaped tsp of baking powder. Line your cake tin with foil taking care to square the corners,
add the mixture and bake at 170 for about an hour. Check with skewer and adjust your time accordingly.
Cool in the tin once cooked. I have made this recipe for years
(it comes from my mum's old Country Women's Institute book)

Quotebigjules1 (66 )3:15 pm, Thu 22 Mar #168
Enjoy,very yummy cake.

lazkaz, Nov 18, 12:30am
Yes I have done that, I wait for the brandy icing to dry out, it is hard to get it super smooth though.but once decorated who cares, once cut.yum yum.Sometimes I do half and half.one side icing and the other royal with almond.yum and one recipe had a dark and light cake on top of each other, baked together with almond paste in the middle.yum.Not making any this year though.

hoonguek, Dec 6, 3:03am
i just tried baking my fruit cake - still in often. noticed the top is cracked. it has a pouring consistency when i made it so i put an extra spoonful of flour. am i wrong! thx

hoonguek, Dec 6, 4:35am
sorry, in la la land. should read "still in oven".

vashti, Dec 6, 5:46am
I made Alison Holst Golden Christmas cake yesterday. It looks great a lovely colour, nice and flat on top and fruit all nice and even. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

buzzy110, Dec 6, 6:17am
Has it cracked because the centre is rising faster than the rest of the cake or has it just cracked, for no apparent reason! It is not normal for fruit cakes to crack but I still wouldn't worry about it at this stage. It will probably settle down as it coolsIf the centre has risen ahead of the rest of the cake the temperature is too high. Turn it down. Long and slow is better than hot and fast.

moore., Dec 6, 6:53am
The cake using condensed milk is a lovely christmas cake recipe, and very very easy to make.
Put into a pot,1/2 lb butter, 2 lb mix fruit, 1 cup cold water, 2 tbsp vinegar, 1 tsp mixd spice , 1/2 tsp each: brandy, almond, vanilla essence.
Heat these all thru until butter has melted, then add:
1 tin condensed milk, t tsp glcerine, 2 tbsp wine or brandy, 2 large cups flour, 1 tsp b/soda, 1 tsp bp, 2 tbsp custard powder, pinch salt.
stir well, pour into lined cake tin and cook 2-3 hours at 300 lowering to 200.

Icing 1 pkt icing sugar, 6 oz butter, 2 tbsp brandy or sherry, 2 tsp vanilla,
mix well and ice when cake is cool.

hoonguek, Dec 6, 7:06am
any tips please on how to keep till xmas! i have taken the cakes out of the oven and put them bottoms up so it looks smooth on top. having been feeding them rum. do i leave them overnight with a tea towel over it! then tmorrow what do i do! many thx

marge5, Dec 6, 7:26am
Ginger Ale Cake in Edmonds Cook Book absolutely beautiful and lovely and moist

hoonguek, Dec 6, 11:03am
got my fruit cake out of oven this afternoon. and put some brandy over it. it was heavy! it felt hard! i couldnt bear to wait till xmas so i got up and cut into the cake. i had to know as this is my first try . it is soft and moist on the inside. but the outer layer is kind of dry and a bit hard. i must say i didn't put all the brown sugar as in the recipe. ok ladies give me yr candid comments pls.

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