Eggs for a cake. And the size i have

nukhelenc, Nov 6, 2:27am
Hello :)
I was going to make a cake and it says 3 eggs 59g each
O my,,,, some of my eggs are way over 80g and 90g
What to do
Take white out till im at the right weight for 3 eggs
Use 2 eggs that almost = the correct weight of 3 eggs but that means one less yoke.
OMG what to do !

lythande1, Nov 6, 2:37am
Just put 3 eggs in

gardie, Nov 6, 2:38am
I'm a bit hit and miss with eggs - never worry about weight - just work on an average egg.Sometimes I put extra if I think it needs it so like lythande says - your 3 eggs will be just fine.

wildflower, Nov 6, 2:42am
Yeah I just guess, most of the time I only have 6's so if a recipe has a few eggs or more I chuck in an extra to make up the difference.

kinna54, Nov 6, 2:44am
I have never weighed an egg yet! 25yrs in catering, guess I just never found the need. I always just use size 7 eggs, depending what I am making, if it was a meringue etc I may be inclined to use extra eggs, but can't say I have ever really used less.
3 eggs if that's what the recipe says should be fine. Just to be nosey what are you making. I am intrigued.

nukhelenc, Nov 6, 2:49am
Chocolate fudge cake
Well the eggs are just so big i thought i might ask :) Must be size 10 lol
Anyways thanks for all the reply's

kinna54, Nov 6, 3:43am
Sounds yummy. Should be awesome with the extra eggs. Enjoy!

nukhelenc, Nov 6, 4:11am
Cakes just outa the oven and cooling :)

elliehen, Nov 6, 4:19am
Photo please ;)

elliehen, Nov 6, 4:39am
Very nice.Are you going to do the neighbourly thing and share it!

nukhelenc, Nov 6, 4:43am

deus701, Nov 6, 7:28am
I would just crack 3 eggs, beat them up and weigh up what is needed. Leftovers can be used for omelette or eggwash for scones, etc

___ellajac___, Nov 6, 7:32am
Well done NUK.Did you buy the very big eggs from supermarket or are they duck eggs!

Please send a taste by air!

kinna54, Nov 6, 9:02am
looks wonderful. yummy! I can almost smell it! Well done!

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