Motueka carrot cake freezing!

amourette, Sep 10, 11:02pm
Hello all, beginner cook here, I was thinking of making this yummy cake in the shape of a number one for my little boys first birthday, as time is short I was hoping to bake and then freeze till next you think this would work.TIA

toadfish, Sep 10, 11:29pm
I would freeze it whole and then defrost and cut to shape.but its quite a moist cake. not too good for cutting to chape.You could always do a chocolate cake and a carrot cake. Shape the chocolate one and have the motueka for just cutting.

amourette, Sep 10, 11:55pm
Thanks toadfish, the cake tin is in the shape of a one so thought this might work.What would happen if I started icing before completely defrostd, would this affect the icing.thanx again

kimkat1, Sep 11, 12:03am
It would be fine, Ihave done this several times. the icing just sets quicker if you get what I mean

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