Baking tins for slices - sizing

calista, Jul 8, 9:03pm
What sized tins do you use for your favourite slices?I've looked on here and someone is selling sets of 4 which look like what I''m after, but I don't really want 4, and the biggest at 345mmx284mm, seems huge,

I remember reading one of Alison Holst's big books in the library that had a section on slices and she mentioned the size of the tin she used, but I can't remember what it was,

(When they finally open the Central Library I'm going to bake something for the staff of the NZ Room because I didn't realise how much I relied on it being there for me just to pop in to check on things).

245sam, Jul 8, 10:36pm
calista, I have 3-4 tins that I use mainly for slices.

For Lolly Cake, Apricot Slice and those unbaked slices I actually use a square loose-bottomed 187mm (7½") cake tin.

For others I use either
sponge roll/Swiss rolltins that measure approximately335mm x 230mm (13½" x 9")
a smaller tin measuring approximately 255mm x 195mm (~10" x 7½") - this tin does actually expand but I haven't used it that way for many years.

Do you by chance remember exactly which of Alison's books has the info that you recall?:-))

lx4000, Jul 8, 10:37pm
having a few different sizes is good!!

You can use for keeping things warm on, serving trays, double recipes and freezing some and of course, different recipes are for different amounts. Some you want thin, others thicker:)

lx4000, Jul 8, 10:38pm
oh, and the bestest slice and cake tins I have come split, so you can adjust the size you want!! Be it big or smaller:) Just very hard to come by now days!! And Ideal for slices as you pull the tin apart then no hassle getting the first bit out !! :)

lx4000, Jul 8, 10:46pm
like this one:)

If you found one of these, you would only need one:)

bunny51, Jul 9, 12:46am
I use a swiss roll tin. THink it is about 20cmx30cm

justme27, Jul 9, 12:49am
Does anyone know where I can buy an adjustable loaf tin? Same idea as the adjustable slice tin but the loaf version..thanks:)

calista, Jul 9, 4:50am
Thanks everyone.Bunny thaks Swiss roll tin was what my mother used I think.I don't want one with a finish that might be ruinedwhen I cut slices.

Sam it was one of the big thick red or gold books that had different sections for ccoking and baking.From memory muffins and slices were in the same section.

justme the Mitre 10 Mega down the road used to have them I think - haven't seen them lately though.

245sam, Jul 9, 4:54am
calista, we're about to go out for the evening so either later tonight or tomorrow I'll check those books and see if I can find the info' you're wanting.

justme27, Jul 9, 6:17am
Thanks calista, will give them a try :)

245sam, Jul 10, 3:02am
Hi calista, I have looked through the relevant sections of the most recent four of Alison Holst's hard-covered books, particularly the red covered one ("The Best of Alison Holst") and the gold covered one ("Alison Holst, The Ultimate Collection").

For the slice recipes in the latter book Alison's recipes use these tins -20cm (8") and 23cm (9") square and sponge roll/30cm x 20cm (12"x8"), with there seeming to be a preference for the 23cm (9") square tin.

Hope that helps.:-))

calista, Jul 10, 7:12am
Thanks Sam. I kept telling myself I didn't need to buy these books because the library woukd always have them and I would always have accessto the library. but it's no longer that simple.

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