Fruit cake baking - help please

kzproperty, Jun 2, 6:46am
Why are my fruit cakes breaking when I take them out of the oven.
My mix is rather a moist mix, with fruit soaked in rum. They are cooked through, when a test them, but when I taken them out of the oven, they break up. it might seem like a silly question but do I need to cook them longer? They are slow cooked over 2ish hours at around 160...

chicco2, Jun 2, 6:53am
How long do you leave them in the tin before turning out?

floralsun, Jun 2, 10:22am
Yes, leave them in the tin until the cake is completely cold, then turn it out.

chicco2, Jun 2, 10:46am
My fruit cakes get a sprinkle of alcohol at the time of removal from the oven. They are then covered with a linen Ttowel and wrapped in an old clean towel. They remain like that for 24hrs before turning out of the tin.
Other things that could make the cake fragile could be too much butter, raising agent (rich fruit cakes dont need it), too much flour, over cooked. I cant think of anything else. Hope we were able to help.

kzproperty, Jun 2, 11:07am
Thanks all....the first cake was not completely cool when I tried to turn it, and the second was the same mixure cooked in a silicone cake dish, which moved when I pulled it out of the oven....will trycomplete cooling for the next ones, I admit was was being a little impatient..thanks for all the advice!

chicco2, Jun 2, 7:37pm
When using silicone bakeware. Place on oven tray, fill with raw mixture and place in oven on tray. remove from oven n tray and allow to cool on tray. Silicone cannot support the weight unless the bakeware is supported. You could try placing the bakeware inside a tin or oven dish.

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