Edmonds Russian Fudge recipe

redguns, May 5, 4:56am
I measured, mixed, heated to the correct stage with a candy thermometer,beat it, poured it.Why does it stay so soft?I made the chocolate fudgge and that set well!Any tips welcome - should I have boiled it for longer?

nanasee1, May 5, 5:01am
99% of the time mine is successful, then i will get a batch like you have (and I make it often). I think it is something to do with humidity but not sure. I scrape the soft mixture into a large microwave dish, bring it back to the boil on HIGH and give it another minute or two. Cool slightly, beat again & pour into a tin. Not as perfect as the original but very edible and better than wasting it.

ppppaula, May 5, 7:27am
I usually heat it to a bit hotter than than suggested and beat for as long as possible but then I do like hard.melt in the mouth fundge rather than soft fudge.

imn, May 5, 7:52am
making fudge as a request for sons birthday. what do you people use to beat it? and for how long roughly. in the past when I've made it, its started setting before Ive even got it out of the pot! beaten too much you think?

redguns, May 5, 8:24am
Tks to all the fudge addicts - I eventally put it in the fridge which has firmed it up a little but maybe i'll try another recipe.

ralta, May 5, 8:32am
I made the Edmonds Russian Fudge the other week & boiled it for quite some time.I wasn't sure it was going to set but put it in the fridge & it did (was harder to cut than the chocolate version without breaking/crumbling though).

You probably didn't boil it for long enough.My edmonds version recommended it take around 30 mins to get to the right temp/stage.

nanasee1, May 5, 8:42am
redguns I think the Edmonds one is the best recipe from all the ones I have tried over the years. I think you maybe just had an off day with it. I have a candy thermometer but still do the test for 'soft ball' in cold water from habit and I find that more reliable!

redguns, May 6, 4:21am
ralta - I have two cook books - one says 30 minutes (and I don't want to slave over a hot pan that long) the other gives no 'time'.

Nanasee1 - maybe yr right - I had very bad news the day before so was probably high on Rescue Remedy!Never mind i'll try again another day.

kiwigirlsteph, May 7, 4:11am
the Jo Seager fabulous fudge recipe on her website is awesome

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