How do I start a Ginger Beer Bug/Plant ?

Hi guys ... does any one out there have a recipe to start a ginger beer bug/plantfor making home brew ginger beer
I orginally had a bug ... but whilst on holiday it died off :-(

Chef_possum_b, Mar 12, 9:34 pm

You might be interested in this one as

Chef_brish, Mar 12, 9:39 pm

Ginger Beer Bug
The one that your grandmother may have made:
Place a few raisins into a preserving jar and add the following: Day 1 - 2t sugar + 2c water Day 2 - 2t sugar + 2t ginger Day 3 - 2t sugar Day 4 - 2t sugar + 2t ginger Day 5 - 2t sugar Day 6 - 2t sugar + 2t ginger Day 7 - 2t sugar Day 8 - pour liquid into a large bowl. Halve the amount of the bug, go back and start again at Day 1 Once you’ve completed it all again, pour off the liquid and add :
2c of sugar which has been dissolved in 2c of boiling water
12c of cold water plus the juice of two lemons
Bottle, with 3 raisins added to each bottle and seal carefully – tie corks on. Leave a week and then refrigerate to stop the tops blowing off

Chef_cookessentials, Mar 13, 7:52 am