Decorating a choc cake with a wow factor

bappy, Apr 7, 10:56pm
Hello ladies

I am making a rich chocolate birthday cake with ganache icing.Normally I just toss some flaked almonds on top of the cake to decorate, but this time I want to do something different.Any suggestions?I am not much of a cake decorator, so simple ideas pls but with a wow factor

lizab, Apr 7, 11:01pm
you could melt some chocolate of different flavours/colours and when set, drag a knife across to make curls and then toss them all over the top of the cake.

245sam, Apr 7, 11:09pm
bappy, have alook at:-

You'll see a picture there of the finished cake so will be able to decide if that is the look that you'd like, plus there are instructions for all the different components which all appear to be very straightforward and easy to make/do.

Hope that helps.:-))

deus701, Apr 8, 12:04am
I would smooth out the ganache at the top and around the cake. Then I will put it in the fridge to chill and make some choc glaze (just melt some dark choc) enough to cover the cake, and then prepare a piping bag with melted white choc.

After, I just pour the melted dark choc over the cake and when i have half the choc mixture inside, i will pipe some lines with the white choc so as it pours out onto the cake, it creates this 'marble' choc look. Make sure you go in one direction only for the last part (diagonal is best). And just give the cake (suspended over a wire rack) a tap to even out the choc finish. You can then paste the sides with choc squares, biscuits but not really necessary.

rkcroft, Apr 8, 12:42am
Take a look at this link.Its very easy and shows you step by step.You can buy chocolate transfer sheets off here.Just type chocolate transfer sheet in the search box.
this is the finished cake.Look at the 10 previous pictures to see how it was done.The piped icing is just a chocolate buttercream.

kiwibubbles, Apr 8, 1:06am
That chocolate cake from Good Morning yesterday was pretty nice and looked great

melisk, Apr 12, 2:42am
You totally need to make truffles to go on the top!My friend Courtenay did this for my birthday cake that she brought into work - wowed everyone.You can check it out on our baking blog :)

jmonster, Apr 12, 8:49am
What a fabulous fabulous blog!

mindi1, Apr 12, 9:59am
Absolutely. Love it and will refer to it often.

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