Cream Cheese

jaazmile, Mar 8, 2:43am
Any suggestions/recipes for the tub of cream cheese sitting in my fridge would be gratefully accepted.

barloo, Mar 8, 2:50am
on crackers with tomato or vegemite ! mmMmm

nzhel, Mar 8, 3:26am
Make a cheesecake for dessert tonight... .

245sam, Mar 8, 3:30am
jaazmile, try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using 'cream cheese' as the Keywords and 'Anytime' as the Date posted - you'll then find an interesting variety of uses for your cream cheese from past threads on the same topic. :-))

stan202, Mar 8, 3:50am
mix with salmon and spreaad on bread

darlingmole, Mar 8, 3:51am
Take this advice from me:warm up your cream cheese and then spread it on top of your last lasagne sheet before putting your bechamel sauce on top. It makes it SO decadent and absolute restaurant quality (very rich and tasty)

hilt_dwane, Mar 8, 3:55am
Mix in a teaspoon of Maggi onion stock powder. Treat as a dip. On crackers is good - so is by the spoonful ! !

vinee, Mar 8, 5:54am
No, fools!
Put it in the whiz with a couple of packets of tim tams.
No need to roll into balls - it can be eaten straight from the whiz.

cottagerose, Mar 8, 7:39am
on vitawheat crackers with gerkins on top is lovely

elliehen, Mar 8, 9:33am
darlingmole, I think vinee is endorsing decadence :)

dasausman, Oct 12, 11:14pm
Make a batch of muffins and put a teaspoon full in the centre of each muffin before baking

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