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tarshlove, Feb 19, 1:07am
I have been told by Miss very capable 5.5 (going to 10) to go on the internet and find her some recipes that she can do Quote " All by myself MUM!" Unquote.
So here I am asking. If anyone can help Miss 5.5 and I with some recipes that would be much appreciated.

trading_gibsons, Feb 19, 1:17am
Make/buy the pizza bases & cut up all the toppings ready to put on top,
then let her decorate to her hearts content.
Jellies,sundaes (the type of thing were you add lots of yummy stuff into sundae glasses.

jessie981, Feb 19, 1:19am
Honey & Rice bubble Slice
125gr butter
125gr sugar
2TBSPs either honey or golden syrup
Boil gently 5 mins, remove from heat & stir in 4c ricebubbles

Have you checked out the l/h messageboard to see if there are recipes for children?

tjman, Feb 19, 2:07am
What about toasted Club Sandwiches.She can make up what she wants to put in them.Add a bit of fancy toothpicks to hold them together.It'll be like being at a cafe!

tarshlove, Feb 19, 2:08am
Yeah she got a dora toasted sammy maker from xmas so she's kinda over that and wants to do Baking lol

tjman, Feb 19, 2:19am
Alison Holst Citrus slice.No hot ovens etc. Just melting the butter in micro, so wont scare the **** out of you.Also dessert jelly and mixed berries.There are some good childrens cookbooks out there.So far we only have two but they are:Cooking for Girls, distributed by DK and The Silver Spoon for Children by Phaidon.My girl also got a set from the warehouse for baking that had a tin, measure spoons and a baking book.Real good price.

Last but not least what about the good old fashionedEDMONDS.

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:22am
Coffee cup recipe; 4tbls flour, 4tbls sugar, 2 tbls cocoa, 1 egg, 3 tbls milk,3 tbls oil, 3 tbls choc chips, splash of vanilla, 1 large coffee mug. Add dry ingredients to mug & mix well. Add egg & mix thoroughly. Pour in milk & oil & mix well. Add chocolate chips & vanilla & mix again. Put mug in microwave for 3 mins (1000w). The cake will over the top of the mug but don't worry! Allow to cool a little, then turn out onto a plate, & eat with ice cream. YUMMY!

Quotelibra071 (15 )10:43 pm, Thu 15 Oct #2

tarshlove, Feb 19, 2:25am
Hahaha she's a pretty grown up kid she usually make truffles but has done them too many times I think. Will try the good old Rice Bubble Crunch
I have the old edmonds cookbook will have a geeze through that now. Thanks heaps :o)

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:26am
what about pancakes, omlettes piklets?

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:27am
Easiest Chocolate Cake-No Beating, No Eggs This chocolate cake is moist, cheap and easy to make. Great for large families.
3 cups flour,
2 cups sugar,
6 tabs cocoa,
1tspn salt, 2 tspns Baking Soda,
1 tspn Vanilla,
3/4 cup Oil,
2 tabs Vinegar,
2 cups water.
Mix all ingredients together and bake in oven tray or similar dish at 180 for approx 30mins.
Ingredients sound weird but it is absolutely brilliant, very tasty and moist, my 10 year old makes it.

I have no idea who 1st posted this one but sounds good for her to try:)

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:31am
also fruit crumbles are easy! stewed fruit then rub butter into flour, brown sugar,cornflakes, rolled oats, wheatbix, dried fruits, spices,what ever you have. Easy as and yummie with ice cream and or custard!

tarshlove, Feb 19, 2:33am
mmmm Piklets NOM NOM but you HAVE to have cream on top and I don't have any here :o(

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:35am
heres another 1 I have saved but not made.

3 Ingredient Pineapple cake is wonderfull Finally got around to making it, it sure tastes wonderfull.. for those who havent tried.. 2 cups self raising flour, 1 cup sugar, one 450 grm can crushed pineapple. MIx wet into dry.. I needed about a tablespoon extra water. Bake in a ring tine at 180- 35-40 mins. Yummmy

I would sprinkle the top with a cinnamon and sugar mix
chucked in a banana and some cinnamon

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:43am
Bliss Balls

1 C chopped Dates
1 C Raisins
70g Walnuts
1 Tspn Cocoa
1 Tspn Butter
1 tspn Milk
1 tspn Van Ess
Coconut to roll in

Place all into food processor and whiz till smooth.
Roll into balls. Making sure you dip your hands in cold water to stop it sticking to your hands!!
Roll in coconut and place in fridge.

This is great but would add cookie crumbs to tone down the sweetness!!

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:45am
have you got a blender? She could make smoothies for pudding or brunch!
Ice cream, bananas, berries, milk and cookies if ya dare!!

tarshlove, Feb 19, 2:46am
I'm sorry but what is l/h message boards?

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:47am
tarshlove, what can she and can she not use in the kitchen? How much help do you give here so I can find some more to post!

tarshlove, Feb 19, 2:48am
mmm Why wait till then that sounds fab NOW lol I have some chocolate coconut Ice cream and berries in the freezer, Banana's on bench, Milk in fridge and cookies in the cupboard. Off I go tehe.

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:50am


you go girl!!

You have a star cook in da makin!!

tarshlove, Feb 19, 2:51am
Well she cooks Nacho's for dinner by herself makes tosted sammies, she knows how to use the microwave, oven, blender, wizz, stove tops she really is a mini mum lol. She has her own apron, tea towel and oven mit set too lol I help If she asks me otherwise I get told off

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:55am
but more importantly, she has a taste tester!!


lx4000, Feb 19, 2:56am
tarshlove my goodness, she sound just like I was (at that age!!)hahahaha Leave me alone me cookin!!

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:58am
Cheese Muffins/Puffs
2 eggs
1 C Grated Cheese
1 C veggies (courgettes, corn, caps, onion with tomato on top)
pinch Salt
2 C Flour
3 tspn BP
1/4tspn Cayenne Pepper if wished
Break eggs into 1 measuring C then fill with water, then add another 1 C water. Mix.
Add veggies and cheese then mix.
Stir in salt, flour, cayenne pepper, BP until just mixed.
Spoon into muffin tins.
20 mins approx at 180.

lx4000, Feb 19, 2:59am
baked spuds would be a good one! She will love emptying the spuds and mashing in veggie and cheese then stuffing them and cooking them again for diner or lunches, picnics etc!

lx4000, Feb 19, 3:01am
Impossible Quiche
3 eggs.
half cup of milk.
2tbs melted butter,
chopped parsley.
1 chopped onion,
1cup grated tasty cheese
chopped bacon
half cup S/R Flour.
Mix well
.Bake 180o for 40 minutes.

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