GF crumble recipe

roxursox, Feb 8, 4:58am
does anyone know if you can use the Healtheries Simple GF Baking Mix to make a traditional crumble dessert topping directly in place of regular flour?

it's the only GF flour I have in the pantry at the moment and we picked some wild blackberries today and wanted to make an apple & blackberry crumble for dessert tonight

motorbo, Feb 8, 5:01am
dont see why not its just a flour mix

roxursox, Feb 8, 5:10am
hmmmm that's what I thought but you know how expensive these flour mixes are that's why I thought I'd ask first so I don't waste it

that mix makes bee yoo tee full GF cheese scones, I've got them down to a tee now and even a friends 3 yr old scoffs them down and he ain't GF

trading_gibsons, Feb 8, 5:19am
I make a mix of
rolled oats
brown sugar
GF cornflakes
pour over melted butter
nice and crunchy,no flour needed

roxursox, Feb 8, 5:21am
fanx but I didn't think rolled oats were GF or do you use a guaranteed GF brand

I don't have any GF cornflakes or nuts ATM but I will write this recipe down for future reference as it sounds delish

trading_gibsons, Feb 8, 5:29am
There are differing opinions.Some say oats are ok & some say not,you could leave them out, have you got any rice,potato,corn or soya flour?

roxursox, Feb 8, 5:42am
no I haven't got any of those flours but I have rice flour on my list to buy so I can make some GF shortbread

will just give the healtheries GF baking mix a go and see what happens till I go to town next

trading_gibsons, Apr 1, 4:01pm
Good luck i'm sure it will be fine.