Freezer size?

wasgonna, Feb 8, 1:33am
Thinking that this is the best place to ask, does any one have an idea what size freezer would accommodate half a beast (probably around 130kg). All cut up obviously. Would prefer someone who has done it instead of guessing please. Was looking at a new 320ltr freezer to go with 135ltr space I already have with fridge. Thanks in advance.

ttwisty, Feb 8, 2:38am
we have a 320 and that held a med heifer.

southerngurl, Feb 8, 5:08am
are you looking at it for just the meat? Then a 320l would be fine...

wasgonna, Apr 1, 2:53pm
Cheers chaps or chapesses. Yes the 320L would be just for the half beast.