Electric yoghurt maker question

pixiegirl, Mar 4, 3:59am
Does anyone know if you can use the yoghurt sachets you buy from the supermarket in these electric one or do you have to make one from scratch with a starter. Thanks

maxwell.inc, Mar 4, 4:44am
Electric yogurt maker?

245sam, Mar 4, 4:51am
maxwell. inc. - there's an example of an electric yoghurt maker on this link:-

http://www0. au. shopping.com/xGS-electric%20yoghurt%20makers~

maxwell.inc, Mar 4, 5:02am
Crikey! thats an expensive piece of kit init!

My $5 Easiyo incubator does the bizz just fine.

245sam, Mar 4, 5:14am
pixiegirl, have a look at:-

http://www.trademe.co.nz/nz/auction-109472967.htm - it appears from the info' on that auction (now closed) that "the yoghurt sachets you buy from the supermarket" can be used in the electric yoghurt makers. :-))

magenta, Mar 4, 9:53am
I have an electric yoghurt maker and use the sachets in it. I leave overnight and usually it is ready in the morning.

pixiegirl, Mar 4, 9:15pm
Thanks for that guys - someone had asked on one of my auctions so wasn' sure and asked here -
Many thanks - max I also like my easiyo one - no electricity required except for first lot of hot water.

purplegoanna, Sep 29, 11:58pm
find some more caspian sea yogurt starter and then you dont need any machine just a jug/jar with a cupful of starter and 3/4 ltr of milk, mix leave it on the becnh or hot water cupboard and in the morning you have yogurt. . ive asked a trader who was selling it to list some more.

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