Samoan burnt sugar steam pudding

coconutbuns, Dec 15, 3:22am
My mum used to make it but I lost the recipe!Anybody have it? Old skool recipe from way back & has any1 tried steam pud in crockpot? Does it actually work without sticking to the sides when u try to get it out?

245sam, Dec 15, 3:39am
coconutbuns, I'm not sure about the recipe on the following link being Samoan but hopefully it's the recipe/or type of recipe that you're wanting.Look for Hoana's posting at:-,39624,39629#msg-39629

Hope that helps.:-))

coconutbuns, Dec 15, 3:46am
thanku Sam! I love hangi pudding too

goldgurl_design, Dec 15, 5:46am
Oooh puligi!!I had an aunt come over from Samoa two years ago and show me how to make this...can only make it by 'eye balling the ingredients' so no help sorry - but good luck!!

misilon, Dec 15, 7:03am
I have made this burnt sugar steamed pudding,.and cooked it inside the big empty fruit tins,.always make them for big gatherings,.enjoy it as a buttered cake if there are left overs

marcs, Dec 15, 7:06am
This is the recipe I have however this comes from Fiji. You can steam it in the crockpot. It still comes out great.

Purini–Fijian Steamed Cake

1 can coconut cream
1¼ cups of raw sugar
2½ cups of flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1¼ teaspoon baking soda
½ - 1 tablespoon butter

Melt sugar on a very low heat until melted and caramel – almost light brown in colour.Very carefully add coconut cream and stir on low heat till the caramel has dissolved completely.Cool the mixture.

Sift flour, baking power and baking soda.Rub in butter.Add the cold caramel mixture (start mixing from one end of the bowl and gradually work in).

Combine the mixture properly and pour into a deep tin or pot.Smear the left over mixture on some food paper and cover the top of the pot.Tie with a string.Tie the whole thing in muslin (cheese) cloth and steam for 1¾ hours (longer in a crock pot).Check to see if mixture is cooked before taking it off the heat.

Best served with butter warm or cold.

You can also add desiccated coconut or sultanas if desired.

goldgurl_design, Dec 15, 7:35am
Mmm...n don't forget the nutmeg, cinamon - and I add all spice to mine too :)

I love mine with custard, or cold with lots of REAL butter Mmmmm!!!

coconutbuns, Dec 30, 6:41pm
Thank you for your recipe marcs - does the pudding come out brown in colour? I might try it today for New Years dinner tomorrow

marcs, Dec 31, 1:03am
Yes it does. The browness comes from the burnt sugar. I know in Fiji we used raw sugar and that also meant you did not cook it too much either or you would burn it. That is the hard part. Once you put in the coconut milk/cream and dissolve it, it is fairly easy after that.

Of course in the islands they cook it on wood fire which give it its smokey taste but it still tastes good.

guest, Apr 26, 6:39am
I add mashed bananas and juice of one lemon to my mixture.

guest, Jan 11, 1:26pm
That's a knowing answer to a diiflcuft question

guest, Jan 13, 2:26pm
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