Tasti mixed fruit - is ths Gluten free?

calista, Dec 13, 6:05pm
Hi all you g/free experts.Sorry I am making such a production over 1 cake, but , as you will apreciate, I need to get it right.As well as the fruit it has citric acid, preservative (202, 223), vegetable gum (401,415,410),and colour (124,142,102).

I am regretting I took this on to be honest, but at least it's widening my knowledge. (-;

Thanks for the help I know will be forthcoming.I don't want a gift to ruin someone's Christmas.

angie461, Dec 13, 6:25pm
Can you read lower on the pkt and make sure it is not processed along a production line that also produces wheat products. It sounds ok from what you have described, is it from nz?

lilyfield, Dec 13, 6:36pm
to make double sure- wash the mix- drain well, should only be fruit and sugars left after.

herika, Dec 13, 7:08pm
Hi, it does sound ok but is there an 0800 number on the packet you could ring.Dont ask the receptionist who answers the phone but ask to speak to their Food Technician or someone like that.Washing the fruit may be a good idea.

calista, Dec 13, 7:15pm
Thanks for the prompt and helpful answers.As you can probably tell I'm stressing out a bit here.

It will get better (takes deep breaths).

melford, Oct 25, 10:12am
Yes it is gluten free. I don't use it though, I weigh out my own mixture of dates, sultanas and raisins and mixed peel. I don't care for the mixtures in packets as they contain cherries but its up to you - good luck