Seafood help please

pig-gal, Nov 30, 8:24pm
My husbands birthday tonight so i got a little seafood treat for him. It is seafood marinara mix, which seems to made up of mostlymussels, some prawns, squid rings, a tiny bite sized piece of salmon and a few chunks of fish. I am allergic to shell fish so the mussels are out for me, but the other things i can have a bit of. Thought i would do a surf and turf as i have a couple of nice t bones too. But i know nothing about mussels, am guessing because the other stuff in the mix is raw that these are too? They have lots of orange bits on them, do they stay there? and lastly how would be the best way to cook, would a mornay sauce be good?

dreamers, Nov 30, 9:00pm
I would chop ,add onions,coriander and some otheringredients and make Thai fritters ,with a fresh salad

pig-gal, Sep 19, 5:44pm
Have to keep things pretty kiwi here for my farmer man, but thanks anyway!