Christmas Picnic Dessert Ideas

mumstu, Nov 29, 2:42am
We have decided this year to head outdoors for Christmas lunch and have a picnic. Main course all sorted, but what can we take for dessert that wont be an issue for the heat outside etc eg no cream?? thought of a fruit platter but would like some other treats as well.

marks6, Nov 29, 2:46am
Sounds Good but look down the page and the white choc rocky road sounds YUMMY

mumstu, Nov 29, 2:46am
Will do, thanks

cookessentials, Nov 29, 3:11am
What about a fresh fruit salad with things like strawberries, kiwifruit, fresh pineapple, water melon, nectarines etc.

valentino, Nov 29, 3:18am
Could still have some Fruit Pudding and Custard, especially a nice cold runny custard that can be kept cold in a container within a chilly bin with ice.... or if a BBQ is handy (or a gas ring) can be heated to suit.

Fresh fruit Birds nests (meringue style) are also great and can be prepared prior and kept nicely in a chilly bin.

alebix, Nov 29, 3:42am
Try Anna Gares festive cake....

cookessentials, Nov 29, 4:14am
Infact, if there are no young children, champagne fruit salad would be very refreshing.

1126, Nov 29, 4:27am
The new countdown ideamag...has a really nice ham cheese tomato scroll idea...made it today...would be perfect for a picnic..has bazil in it too.... yum

jwatson, Nov 29, 9:44am
We had a picnic lunch last year, was great with everything packed up in the chiller bag.For dessert we had Christmas tarts, chopped strawberries with chocolate dip, mini pavs (take them in airtight container and also take a can of aerosol cream and extra strawberries/whatever fruit you want - the cream isn't as nice as fresh, but lots of fun and easy to transport), truffles, rockyroad, brandysnaps (fill with aerosol cream as you eat them) and of course Christmas cake.

mumstu, Nov 30, 7:55pm
Thanks for all these great ideas. Didnt even think about canned cream...duh!

charlieb2, Sep 19, 12:16pm
mumstu, can I ask what you are having for your main course?