Christmas tarts...

darkestangel1, Nov 27, 9:05pm
Has anyone got a good simple recipe to make these!

sarahb5, Nov 27, 10:10pm
I take the top off and put the brandy butter inside - that's why I make stars for the tops because they're easier to get off.

Don't really have a recipe - just make shortcrust pastry, roll out thinly and line either patty pans or mini muffins depending on the size you want.Mix a grated apple and a tablespoon of brandy or cointreau into a tub of fruit mince and then spoon into cases.Top with a pasty star and bake for about 10 minutes at 180 - pretty sure that's how I do mine - bit hit and miss really but seems to work!

elliehen, Nov 27, 10:16pm
"Today the mince pie remains a popular Christmas treat, although as the modern recipe is no longer the same list of 13 ingredients once used (representative of Christ and his 12 Apostles according to author Margaret Baker), it lacks the religious meaning contained therein."

sarahb5, Nov 27, 10:21pm
So we still don't know what the 13 ingredients were then!

davidt4, Nov 27, 10:44pm
I suspect that is a romantic myth (you can't believe everything you read in Wikipedia.)Mince pies were originally filled with a mixture of minced meat, suet, dried fruit and spices and evolved over the centuries to become the extremely sweet little pies of today.

honeysacat, Nov 29, 12:49am
Now this is a weird question.... how are they traditionally served..

Like with cream?? Ice cream??

I normally eat them just by themselves but any ideas??

buzzy110, Nov 29, 12:59am
Any way you like. Personally, I have them pre-made but uncooked and frozen, take them out in the morning and cook them just before serving - much later in the day.

Usually we have them with fresh coffee, a shot glass of liqueur, brandy or dessert wineand whipped cream on the day. Generally they come at the end of the meal so a bowl of chocolates and a nice bowl of fresh strawberries, for presentation's sake, are served as well. Not much gets eaten at this course really, as most people are fairly stuffed anyway.

On subsequent days they are nice just plain, with icecream or with whipped cream. I always warm them though because they taste better that way. And nothing wrong with more liqueur or brandy!

cookessentials, Nov 29, 1:05am
Traditionally hot or cold at Christmas only. They were made up of 13 ingredients which represented Christ and the twelve apostles.

kiwitrish, Sep 13, 12:15pm
I serve mine warm with about 1/2 tsp brandy butter on top.The brandy butter melts into the pie and is so yummy.