svx1, Nov 24, 11:34pm
Hi does anyone have the recipe of this and which cook book is it in?I havesearched google but have not found the recipe and I have guests coming from Londontomorrow and I wanted to cook this for them.thankyou

gardie, Nov 24, 11:59pm
I made this from her latest book but found it not very successful.The crackle was lovely (you do that first) but became soft once the milk was added.I borrowed the book from the libary so don't have the recipe sorry.I am sure you will find a nicer pork recipe though.

svx1, Nov 25, 12:09am
Thanks Gardie I wondered if anyone else had that problem I only saw parts of the show and it looked so good ...cheers

cookessentials, Nov 25, 12:55am
You only have the liquid 2/3 up the sides of the pork- this will keep the crackling crisp. Let me know if you want the recipe as I have the books here in the store.

bugsbunny1, Nov 25, 1:10am
This is how I wrote the recipes down.

Crispy Pork Belly

Salt and pepper a few sage leaves on the bottom of dish.
Add, meat side down.Wipe skin dry and score, rub a little salt on skin.

25 minutes @ 240 degrees until crackling crunchy

Pour milk round pork until 1/2 or 2/3 rds up meat - not on crackling.

160 degrees- 1-1/2 hours

meegs35, Nov 25, 4:17am
I made it and it was lovely. You have to make sure you don't come near the crackling though or it will go soft.

svx1, Nov 25, 8:58am
Thanks everyone for your in put i will give it a go tomorrow nite and report back with the lol

kiwigoldie, Nov 25, 9:00am
does the milk go curdled?.....i watched a programme last night on TV and they poached pheasant in milk and it ended up looking very curdy...

svx1, Nov 27, 1:47am
The pork belly was delicious everyone enjoyed it so glad I cooked it.We had roasted beetroot salad with feta /walnut and rocket as entree served with homemade ciabatta then the pork with roasted kumera/pumpkin/ with couscous and finally for dessert we had chocolate mousse with homemade lavender ice cream and we had rose champayne as well.Thanks everyone for your messages!!

cookessentials, Nov 27, 1:52am
Sounds just delicious svx1

svx1, Nov 27, 9:33am
Yes it was Pam now we have collapsed in a heap after all the effort and put on a kilo I am positive the gym is looking lol

bigboy01, Nov 27, 12:41pm
Crispy Pork Belly.......Annabel Langbein.

The key to pork crackling is to dry the skin well before sprinkling with salt.Blast the pork in a hot oven to start with so it gets crunchy, then slow cook it for a further hour in a bath of milk. Which makes it really moist and tender. This is a traditional Italian way to cook pork belly. :-)

1-1.2kg pork belly with skin scored.
Ground black pepper.
1 tsp salt.
2-3 sage leaves.
2-2 and a half cups of milk.(

Preheat oven to 240c. Pat the skin of the pork dry and season the flesh side with pepper and half the salt. Sprinkle the sage leaves on the bottom of a baking dish and put pork on top, skin side up. Season the top with the remaining salt.

Roast for 20-30mins at 240c until the skin is starting to blister and crackle. Watch for burning..!

Pour the milk around the meat to come about half to two thirds of the way up the sides of pork. Reduce heat to 160c and roast for a further 1 and a half hours or until pork is meltingly tender. Check the level of liquid during cooking and if it has evaporated add a little more to the pan.

Remove pork from oven, lift out from dish and allow it to cool. Discard the liquids as it breaks into curds.

For easy cutting place the meat flesh side up on a chopping board and use a heavy sharp knive to cut into slices 3-4cm thick. Serve warm or room temperature.


bigboy01, Nov 27, 6:27pm
Bumping back. So you don't miss out on the receipe.;-))

svx1, Nov 27, 11:40pm
Thanks for posting bigboy01

bigboy01, Nov 28, 2:23am
Sing out if you want another receipe put up.I'm going to try her bread tomorrow.

svx1, Nov 28, 4:24am
Hi bigboy01 thankyou I have made her bread 3 times and its delicious but everytime I have found that my loaves are sinking in on top I do the 3 slits across the top and I have never had this problem befrore with bread but other than that the bread is great.Very much like vogels and I want to make the breadas our stable bread now.I am buying some chia seeds to put in as well and I am going to cut back the sunflower seeds a bit and also try linseeds in as well just to see what is like.Can you let me know how you get on with the bread it would be great to hear......

bigboy01, Nov 29, 8:30am
I made the bread and it was yummy, lovely toasted.

I got all the ingredients (I thought) butrealised that I hadn't got the sunflower seeds halfway through.

So I used the pumpkin seeds to make up one cup and added one cup of raisins.I ground up the seeds instead of putting in whole.Doing this you don't use as many seeds.I like grains in bread but not too chunky, so this gave me a nice blend of sizes.

I only had one loaf tin so used my round ring tin for the other.

They both turned out fine.My loaf did go flat later but not the ring loaf as I never filled it up too high.So next time I won't fill my loaf tin up as high as I did and maybe it won't sink.?

I think you are right about adding and changing the ingredients as this is a great base to add to.

I had a real job getting the bread out of the loaf tin as only put baking paper on the bottom.What did you do.?

I'm going to buy some of those floppy plastic loaf tins as should be easier to remove.

I made the Espresso Hazelnut Ripple and man it is devine..!And so easy.

Sing out if you need the receipe.

245sam, Nov 29, 8:38am
bigboy01, Annabel's Espresso Hazelnut Ripple recipe can easily be found at:-

bigboy01, Nov 29, 8:42am
245sam.Thanks but I have the book.Do try it ..!

bigboy01, Nov 30, 2:48am
bump back for svx1:-))

cookessentials, Nov 30, 2:50am
The bread is brilliant and so easy.

245sam, Nov 30, 2:56am
bigboy01, I guessed that, like myself, you have Annabel's book, but IMO it's amazing how many don't seem to know or realise which, or even that there is a good number, of Annabel's recipes so easily accessed on-line at:-

IMO it's great that so many of the recipes are available on-line because that avoids any breach of copyright on the part of posters on this or any other forum.:-))

guest, Oct 2, 2:09am
Could you roast the pork first in the milk and then do the crackling? would that work?

guest_jean_pierr, Apr 29, 5:06am
Warning. Take care when placing your favorite ceramic dish into a 240degC oven. It may no longer hold the milk!

guest, Dec 1, 10:03pm
We share Annabel's pork belly recipe at least once a fortnight with family and friends. It's absolutely divine and so enjoyed by everyone - . I generally have it on kumara mash, crunchy fresh beans or asparagus and fresh baby carrots. I'm now off to get Annabel's new book that I believe is out. I'm sure I'll find more delicious recipes - thanks Annabel, you're the best !!!!

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