A question about cheese...

.produkt, Nov 16, 10:35pm
On the CountDown 'Shop Smarter' ads a while back, 'Richard' (on screeny flamboyant guy) is demonstrating a cheese.

This cheese didn't melt, just browned and softened which got me thinking the other day.... KEBAB'S ON THE BBQ!!

So, What is that cheese and where could I get it?

maxwell.inc, Nov 16, 10:42pm

Available in most supermarkets.. Pricey at about $7-10 for a small block.


.produkt, Nov 16, 10:47pm
Thanks Max :)

The idea was to cut a capsicum, cob corn, carrot, beetroot then blanch all the veges and place onto metal bbq skewers with Halloumi and bbq.

Never done this before, So i'm concerned with how the flavour is going to match the rest of the food on a stick lol.

Any ideas? I've never tried Halloumi before

maxwell.inc, Nov 16, 10:54pm
Halloumi has a salty taste and squeaks on your teeth when you eat it :o) so as long as you match it to vegies/meats that require that salty bite then it should be fine.

davidt4, Nov 16, 10:56pm
Haloumi goes with most vegetables.It has a mild milky flavour and is fairly salty.It needs extremely brief cooking so make sure everything else on the skewer is tender before you start.

.produkt, Nov 16, 10:57pm
Hmm, was just gonna throw some porterhouse steak on the bbq, which will warrant something salty accompanying it, but then i'd have to pay particular attention to tghe balance of veges on the kebab's :S

This might be out of my depth, but thanks heaps for the help and advise!

(ps, i might as well come clean, I'm trying to impress/show my girlfriend that bbq's aren't some thuggish male meat dominated affair, and can actually be quite 'gourmet' )


maxwell.inc, Nov 16, 11:03pm
Nothings out of your depth! its all about learning.Give it a go!

You could always make the kebabs plain vegies, cook the steak and quickly cook the slabs of Halloumi on the hot plate just before serving while the meat is resting.

.produkt, Nov 16, 11:08pm
Thanks max :) Will probably be easier to cook the veges, then steak then cheese then assemble the kebab's rather than tryign to cook the veges and cheese at the same time :)

Ooh i can't wait for Saturday now hehe

cookessentials, Nov 16, 11:35pm
Haloumi is one of my favourites. I buy the Zany Zeus haloumi
I actually used it last week for a lovely salad. When you cook it, dont use a too high a heat as you want it to brown nicely. It is lovely just on it's owned and served with fresh lemon juice squeezed over it.

dreamers, Nov 17, 2:14am
Could you use paneer instead of Haloumi?

levintofu, Nov 17, 3:01am
just line your bbq with tin foil so you don't get any leakage it also makes for less cleaning
if you want that flame licked look/taste you can grab your butane torch (the thing you use for Crème brûlée) and give it a few flicks

floralsun, Aug 13, 6:08pm
Using baking paper on the bbq plate works well too - foods don'tstick to it.