svx1, Nov 2, 12:13am
Hi I am after and a true and tried rose jelly/or jam recipe that is delicous as my roses are out now and I have tried a couple with not much success. Anyone have a delicous one??? cheers

mophead4, Nov 2, 1:10am
mmm.rose petal cordial..2 cups(200g) rose petals..3cups boiling water..blitz only just in the blender..leave overnight or a few hours.strain through colander then through muslin..DO NOT REHEAT.dissolve 3 cups castor sugar. then add 1/4 (quarter) cup finely strained lemon juice and 2 tbsp.rosewater..keep in fridge and dilute to taste with water or soda may not need the's available at kitchen shops..can freeze the cordial

retired, Nov 2, 5:31am
Many years ago I made Rose Petal Jam.Just looked on Google and there are many recipes to choose from.

norma2, Nov 9, 6:46am
I just cover petals with water,bring to boil.Simmer short time,with juice of lemon,strain out petals,add 1 cup sugar to 1 cup liquid.Simmer tillsetting.I freeze liquid or preserve to make up later in year also.

smileeah, Jul 26, 7:08pm
I am thinking about trying this as we have loads of roses out too. If anyone can help I have a couple of questions...can any type/colour rose be used? Will I need to wash the petals first?
I will probably google it as well but thought someone here may like to help.
Also I have never tried rose petal jam, what does it go nicely with?