Panacotta ideas ...

thedigger, Nov 1, 2:07am
I made a vanilla and coconut panacotta with berry coulis for dessert on Saturday. 1st time I have ever tried, and it worked out very well.

Does anyone have any other ideas for flavours?

greerg, Nov 1, 6:40am
The honey and vanilla one in the new Annabel Langbein book is very nice.Do you want the recipe?

245sam, Nov 1, 6:46am
The recipe for Annabel's Honey Vanilla Pannacotta can be found at:-

rarogal, Nov 1, 8:00am
Ive made a Baileys and a Kahlua one - superb.Also poached nectarine compliments Pannacotta very well.

deus701, Nov 1, 8:55am
You can add white wine or a white wine jelly.

Maybe you can try adding a sauce into your panna cotta.
Fill the mould halfway, as it about to set.. use a piping bag n jus gently pipe a spot of sauce jus below the surface. The top up the panna cotta and leave to set.

It looks boring at first, but once the spoon cuts through the panna cotta and the sauce comes flowin out, everyone will be like ' did you do that!" and you will be worshipped for times to come.

willyow, Nov 30, 7:46pm
Vanilla Panna Cotta (Annabel Langbein)
3 level tsp gelatine
2TBS cold water
2c cream
1c milk
1tsp pure vanilla extract
1/3c caster sugar
Mix gelatine with water so it is fully absorbed and there are no dry bits.Set aside.
Place cream,milk,vanilla and sugar in saucepan and slowly bring to the boil.As soon as it bubbles remove from the heat.
Whisk in gelatine making sure it has fully dissolved.
Cool slightly and divide between 6 - 8 serving glasses.
Chill until set.

chefwilliams, Oct 5, 1:12am
lemon grass and coconut cream...oh so good