How To Cook a Beef Topside Roast

trademeandme, Feb 25, 11:35pm
Hi. Haven't tried this before, but have bought one - any recommendations on how to roast please? - with water/without water - with veges? etc. Just want it to be nice for the first try. TIA.

speedy_11, Feb 26, 12:03am
I poke a knife in all over to create wee pockets, stuff with whole cloves of garlic, rub the outside in cracked pepper and crushed garlic (and anything else u like) sprinkle with salt. Wrap the whole lot in tin foil and leave in fridge til ready to cook.

Place wrapped meat in roasting dish with a bit of water in bottom and cook slow, oven (around 170deg) for a couple hours dependant on size.

Or cook in crockpot unwrapped.

cgvl, Feb 26, 12:13am
topside needs to be slow roasted so it doesn't dry out.

trademeandme, Feb 26, 12:43am
thanks very much - very helpful - going to give that a try.

lythande1, Feb 26, 3:25am
Make a pot roast with it. Otherwise it's dry.

margyr, Feb 26, 3:26am
last one i did i did in an oven bag, also put in onion, tin of tomatoes and a carrot first, then sat the meat on top, did it at about 160 for a couple of hours, used the juices to make a yummy gravy.

joybells2, Feb 26, 4:51am
I got this recipe off here. I use it all the time and its nice and tender. Put topside in the crockpot, combine a Maggi French Onion Soup mix, 1tbspn brown sugar and 1tspn paprika. Sprinkel over the roast and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Use juices to make and gravy.

Note:I brown mine off first before adding flavourings, gives it a nicer flavour.

helton1, Feb 26, 7:12am
I do mine in the crockpot. Cover with water add a little vinegar and 2 or 3 T of brown sugar. Cook on low and slow

cottagerose, Sep 10, 5:58pm
I cut a pocket in it and put stuffing in it, wrap well in tin foil and put no more than a cup of water in bottom of crockpot (so it doesnt stick)and it cooks very moistand tender. Have the stuffing end at the top so it doesnt get wet if moisture was to leak into foil

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