Wanted soya milk ice cream

petax, Oct 19, 10:03am
Has anyone got any recipes they have tried for this, or something similar

winnie15, Oct 20, 9:38am
use to buy lite licks from the supermarket, thats lactose free.
have never made any tho

frances1266, Oct 20, 7:24pm
I have never made soya milk ice cream but you good google it.
Cashew nuts make good dairy free ice cream apparently. Havent made it myself but have read it makes a good creamy ice cream.

petax, Oct 21, 9:38am
Thanks for the suggestions, I think I would like to eat the Cashew nuts by themselves, they are a treat more than ice cream.

zappi, Oct 21, 11:49pm
I will see if I can find the recipe book that goes with our ice cream maker.Think it is sunbeam brand.Basically use Soy Milk and I think it was agar agar which can be bought at the supermarket and sets the icecream.Other flavours of course added. Will have a look but as Im at work and am working over the weekend will not be able to post until next week.

cookessentials, Jun 16, 4:12pm
Here is the link to menumania with a soy chocolate ice cream