Anyone want free, free range eggs

janson2, Oct 17, 8:52pm
I have too many every day :)
Dont want to waste them
so any one in the Tekuiti, Aria Piopio area let me know if you are interested
will drop them off on my town day (Thursday)

mike844, Oct 17, 8:57pm
ring up chundz he'll might want some in aria in 2 weeks time he's over here this weekend

lilyfield, Oct 17, 9:03pm
give them to the food bank please

shellz596, Oct 17, 11:05pm
You can sell them at your gate, give to freinds, you are very lucky to have so many, get a little stall at the market you will do well, wish I was down the road from you.:-)

horizons_, Oct 17, 11:25pm
I wish I was down the road from you too. I'd pay ya for them. Very generous of you to give them away. I'd endorse foodbank too. Give them a ring, they'd probably come pick them up.

cookessentials, Oct 18, 12:07am
We have our own girls that give us three eggs per day and we cannot get through them either, however, I give them away to a lady at the market and she gives me relishes or pickles or plants if/when I want them. Sometimes a couple of our neighbours are given some too.

a_n_h, Oct 18, 12:14am
ohh if i was heading down your way i would take some....we go thru eggs like they are going out of fashion!

pheebs1, Oct 18, 12:22am
arent you lovely! tell me how many chooks do you have?
we are moving up to the country and i would love to have chickens . are they easy to care for etc.?
its sounds like they are well worth there while we go thru stacks of eggs

mike844, Oct 18, 4:46am
drop them off at aria RSA they'll be gone by the end of the night probably

janson2, Oct 18, 7:06am
We have 9 barnavelda hens
they are so easy to care for id still keep a few of them even if we ever moved back to town as they are part of the family now
its great but we dont eat 9 eggs a day
I thaught of food bank but wasnt sure if they would accept perishable foods
I will give them a go I guess seen theres no takers here :)

sleyle, Oct 19, 6:41am
Hi, I am heading thru to NP from Auckland on Thursday and would love some if you still have them.How do we contact each other?

deus701, Oct 19, 2:30pm
can you separate them into yolks & eggwhites and vaccum pack them before sending them to me?

sleyle, Oct 20, 7:05pm
Well how strange OP comes on here offering, and now doesn't come back!

markkirsty, Oct 21, 6:43am
God, I'd swop you some wine for them if Chch was near the King Country!Lucky you to have such productive girls!!

seniorbones, Oct 21, 8:35am
chooks dont lay an egg a day, the ratio is usually 2 eggs over 3 days, it takes around 25hours to produce so they also dont lay at the same time, they are never consistent but I love my ladies and now have 3 baby chicks - no rooster had to buy fertile eggs!!

kaiza123, Jun 23, 8:12am
HAHAHA Try telling that to my girls. 20 hens and 19 eggs a day. All laid in the morning. 90% in the same nest. Must be used like a revolving door. Brown shavers and free ranged of course.